Writing About the Minecraft World

Wouldn’t you love for your child to be as excited about writing as s/he is about computer games like Minecraft? That’s exactly what I was thinking one day as I was pushing (actually, it felt like dragging) my son through the writing process yet again. I had tried a variety of writing methods and websites and books, and he would comply, but he just didn’t enjoy it. I knew it wouldn’t come alive for him unless I could integrate writing instruction with something he loved.  What did he love most in the world next to Mom, Dad, Brother, and the dog? Minecraft!


That’s how WriteCraft: Writing about the Minecraft World from Time for Homeschool became the answer we were looking for. The first WriteCraft unit builds on your child’s love for Minecraft by using it as the vehicle for high interest writing instruction and practice.

This is not just a booklet of writing prompts with cute Minecraft clip-art on each page.  No, it uses Minecraft as the topic for each of the 10 writing prompts that cover a variety of genres. Each prompt comes with instructions and a pre-writing activity. Students can use their own paper or the Minecraft-themed notebooking pages included with the unit.

Some of the writing prompts ask the students to build something in Minecraft first and use that as part of the pre-writing activity, so it really lets them play while they learn, encouraging the transfer of their enthusiasm for the game to their writing.

The unit is 27 pages of colorful learning tools with all original Minecraft-themed artwork. There’s also an annotated page of web resources for writing to help you keep writing instruction fun. While WriteCraft was developed for students between the ages of 8 and 12, it can be modified easily for students who are younger or older.


Just watch your children’s faces when they ask, “What are we doing today?” and you say, “Minecraft!”

Veronica1Time for Home School is a division of Robbins Creative Content, LLC. Veronica Robbins is president and owner of the company. She is a former classroom teacher, curriculum writer, and school administrator. Veronica lives in Woodland, California with her husband and two sons. She holds a Masters degree in Education and has over 25 years of experience working in and with public, charter, and private schools.

As an outgrowth of her educational experience and homeschooling of her 10 year old son, Veronica established Time for Home School to develop curriculum materials of superior quality. The Time for Home School website can be found at http://timeforhomeschool.com.