WordBuild Bridges Phonics And Reading Comprehension In An Easy And Fun Way

There is a big difference between knowing how to read letters and read words. Phonics are the essential building blocks of reading comprehension, but a mastery of phonics and sight words can only get you so far. It’s when transitioning into full sentences that many students begin to have trouble with reading.

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Luckily there are resources like WordBuild, which focus on easing that transition. WordBuild offers two ways for students to get more comfortable with reading. Both with physical workbooks and online resources, students can more easily transition from learning the different parts of a word to actually learning how to read.

WordBuild teaches reading comprehension in a way that just makes sense. Students in pre-k and kindergarten may have learned phonics, but that leap from understanding letter sounds to actual reading comprehension is quite large, and many students struggle. WordBuild helps students understand more easily on a fundamental level, and focuses on creating a bridge between these two skills.

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Online lessons for WordBuild are easy to understand for students at any level. As a parent, you create a profile for your student choosing what level they are at, how many activities they can do per day, and what course you want them on. The interface is easy-to-use for both parents and students.

For parents, adding and managing students is a breeze. The user interface is simple to use, and managing students can be completed with a few clicks of a button. It is also incredibly simple to review progress and adjust your students’ level manually, though the system will automatically adjust their level between mastery and novice.

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For students, the interface is simple and fun. You’re guided through lessons by Lexi the cartoon dog. Students watch short videos about the subject they are going to learn, and then complete a series of activities specific to that subject. Each unit contains five assignments, as well as an assessment at the end to make sure your child really has a mastery of the activities. There is also a built-in timer so students cannot spend more than 15 minutes on one activity.

Early lessons focus on simple suffixes and prefixes, and the later lessons have a more advanced focus on Latin and Greek morphemes. An example of one of the assignments a student must complete has students taking the first part of a word and matching it with another part to form a full word. Then the student must define the word that they just created. These lessons are also great for students with learning challenges such as dyslexia or even autism.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 7.05.50 AMWordBuildOnline is an awesome resource that is fun for kids, hands-off for parents, and easy for everyone involved. If you think your student would benefit from a stronger grasp of the English language, there are few other programs online that work as well as WordBuild.

You can find out more about WordBuild on the Educents marketplace.