Weekly New Product Giveaway – 3/15/2016

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New items this week include science resources, music learning tools, and more! Scroll down to check out this week’s newest products on Educents.

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Foodfighters Card Game for Kids

Good for: 4th-6th grade, math, health & nutrition

Foodfighters, a 2-player battle game. Children battle against each other with Team Meat and Team Veggies to take home all the beans. This game has family friendly art, easy-to-understand rules, and hours upon hours of food flinging fun.

Bitsbox Activity Book: Top Secret

Good for: 1st to 8th Grade, STEMnp5

Bitsbox is a downloadable book that contains 20+ game and app programming projects. Children will learn basic coding skills through fun and interactive activities that are code.org approved.

Teaching your child to code early is a great way to help ensure that they will have valuable skills growing up. If you think your child would do well at solving these puzzles, check out Bitsbox.

Music Flash Card Game Bundle

Good for: 3rd to 9th grade, music & art


Learning music is like learning any language – the earlier you start, the easier it is. Get the jump on learning one of the coolest art forms around with this series of flash card games that teach things like music note names, terms, symbols, intervals and key signatures. No matter what instrument your child might  be playing, they will learn with these teaching tools.

Old and New Testaments ABC’s Bible Bundle

Good for: Pre-K to 2nd grade, writing, Bibe studies

np8Combine two lessons into one with this handy Old & New testament bundle. By reading and copying scripture, students will be able to practice their ABCs while learning stories from the Bible. Being able to practice learning while two activities is a great way to save time and make sure your child gets the best experience they can growing up.

One Minute Mysteries: 65 Short Mysteries You Solve With Science!

Good For: Grades 3-7, Science, Reading


New from Science, Naturally 65 Short Mysteries is a great way to challenge any young scientist’s mind. Children will have to put their science skills to the test in solving this series of one-minute long mysteries.

Sight Word Play Dough Mats

Good for: K-2nd grade, reading, sight words


Sight words are the most important words for young children to learn. These sight word mats are unlike any others, as the students will use play dough to spell out the words and exercise their fine motor skills at the same time.

101 Things Everyone Should Know About Science

Good for: 3rd to 9th grade, reading, science


Why do you see lightning before you hear thunder? What keeps the planets orbiting around the sun? Find out the answers to these questions and more in 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Science! This book uses a question-and-answer approach to teach key topics in biology, chemistry, physics and more.

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