Watch these Wooden Blocks Defy Gravity in 15 Seconds

These are not your ordinary building blocks. Tegu blocks feel familiar because they are made of high-quality wood, but it’s the magnetic sides that make these blocks really special. Watch how the magnetic sides “click” together to form shapes that ordinary blocks just can’t.

Educents Tegu Blocks


Building with Tegu blocks is a new & exciting experience for kids and parents who already love building with blocks. Let your little ones’ imaginations run wild! Tegu blocks help children develop engineering, math, and motor skills. Pick up your set at, just search “Tegu.”



This set includes 40 blocks in seven shapes: 4 Large Columns, 8 Mega Planks, 8 Long Planks, 4 Medium Columns, 4 Small Trapezoids, 4 Large Trapezoids and 8 Short Planks. Each set also includes The Tegu Story — a booklet containing various building ideas and information about Tegu’s social and environmental initiatives.

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