Wars Around the World Lapbooks Review by Book Wishes

All-Star Blogger and homeschool mom Kris B. from Book Wishes uses Lapbooks quite often in her classroom. Kris received the Wars Around the World Lapbooks in exchange for an honest review of the units. Based on the big smiles in her picture, we think Kris’ kids loved the lapbooks from Knowledgebox Central.

Our family fell in love with lapbooks a few years ago! I love how they engage each of my children in the material and give them a completed project at the end for future reference. Then when they are done with that unit or book they have a resource to look back on for questions later on. Recently, we added Wars Around the World Lapbooks by Knowledge Box Central to our homeschooling. I added Wars Around The World by Knowledge Box Central to Einstein’s (age 12) and Curie’s learning (age 11). Since we are studying black history this month, focusing on slavery, Einstein and Curie worked on the American Civil War Lapbook together.

With Wars Around the World: American Civil War lapbook, right after I printed the packet we were able to dive right into learning about the civil war. There is no guess work on where to place each lapbook piece or how to use the lapbook. Knowledge Box Central gives simple to follow instructions for me the teacher, as well as, simple to follow instructions for the student. Your student can just complete the lapbook very easily themselves or, in our case, I helped Einstein and Curie with each booklet asking questions along the way and making sure they were understanding the material in each section or booklet.

Although there is some suggested websites for further information, I loved that I didn’t have to purchase an additional book to go along with this lapbook. It gives you everything you need to learn about the American Civil War. The complete Civil War study guide is full of information. My children understood each section they read. I had them read it aloud and take turns reading so they could help each other. The images are clean and crisp for your student, no blurry pictures. The total lapbook printed out including the information given is 64 pages.

With the American Civil War lapbook, when you complete the entire study guide your student will have 4 lapbooks in total and you can put them together as one big book!

My children look forward to completing the other lapbooks in the Wars Around the World.

  • War of 1812
  • French & Indian War
  • American Revolution
  • Spanish American War
  • American Civil War
  • Korean War
  • Vietnam War
  • World War I
  • World War II (package of 2 lapbooks for this one)
  • Holocaust

As a homeschooling mom, I know these lapbooks will make a great addition to our learning. They are recommended for ages 5-15, however, I would use your judgement as a parent. These are lapbooks about wars in history so, personally, I choose to use these lapbooks with my middle schoolers. Curie, age 11 and in the 6th grade, and Einstein, age 12 and in the 7th grade.

If you would like to add these wonderful historical lapbooks to your homeschool, head over to Educents where you can download all the wars mentioned above for 73 percent off at $14.99. Each book comes with a complete study guide and all the resources of information are citied at the end of the packet!

I cannot wait to complete the next book. We started working on the Holocaust.

Lapbooks can take some getting used to, but there are so many educational benefits to giving these projects a try!

How to use lapbooks as learning tools:

  • Visual learners – Integration of color psychology challenges brain development through visual stimulation and pattern seeking.
  • Kinesthetic learners are ‘do-ers,’ and love learning by completing the activities.
  • Logical learners will love the step-by-step order and pattern seeking.
  • Social learners – Lapbooks are great for the social setting (i.e. classroom or co-op).
  • Solitary learners – Student instructions are included for independent workers to follow on his/her own.
  • Multi-age classrooms – Lapbooks can be adapted to any age group. Older students can expand on study guides through more research and activities. Younger students can be guided more closely with supervision and help in order to understand the material.

Want to start your own lapbooks in your homeschool or classroom? Educents has a collection of lapbooks available at an affordable price. Thanks for sharing your feedback, Kris!