Valentine’s Day Activities for the Entire Family

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to take an extra moment and celebrate love within your family. 45567721_j3rhD8CX_cTake an hour to complete one of these activities as a family and remind yourselves that “I love you” is not just a greeting we use as we walk out the door, it’s a real, tangible thing.

1. Photo Shoot

Set up a cute way to take photos of every family member on Valentine’s Day. You can print the pictures, text them to family on Valentine’s Day, or keep them for your family photo album. We love


this heart wall idea from Honey and Fizz.

2. Craftivity

This is a great activity for older kids and younger kids to work together. A lot of hole-punching, cutting, stitching, and painting is involved which makes this Valentine’s craftivity a fun project for the entire family. Head over to our friends at Happy Hooligans for the instructions on how to make this Paper Bag Puffy Hearts Valentine.

3. Color


Fact: Coloring brings family together. There’s nothing like crowding around the kitchen table after a Valentine’s brunch, dumping the crayons out and grabbing for your favorite coloring page. Everybody loves to color. It’s so much fun to talk while you color too. “Why did you choose that color?” “This is my favorite color on the page because…” “Do you think Grandma will like this color?” Fun! These Valentine’s Day themed coloring pages are a hit for all ages.

4. Self Love


Take tips from Ashley and remember to be a friend to yourself. Ashley’s homemade Valentine to herself is so, so sweet. Use red paper to put our a heart shape, write your name in with a marker, then using the letters in your name, write nice things about yourself. Ashley wants to remind us it’s simple things in life that makes us happy. Make this self-love Valentine and put it somewhere where you can look at it everyday and remind yourself how awesome you are.

What will you do on Valentine’s Day? Share with us!