Using Puzzles as Educational Tools for All Ages

human body puzzle

Puzzles are fun, but they are also educational.  Have you thought about how puzzles can benefit kids in these ways?

  • Hand-Eye Coordination – Kids have to use their coordination in order to get the pieces to fit together.
  • Language Skills – By working with others, kids discuss shapes and ask for certain pieces.
  • Fine Motor Development – Maneuvering puzzle pieces around can really build up the tiny muscles!
  • Cognitive Skills – Children practice their memory skills while completing puzzles.  They are also working on following directions.
  • Problem Solving Skills – Every puzzle allows a kid to solve a problem, one piece at a time.
  • Math Skills – Kids identify patterns and shapes while working on puzzles.
  • Spatial Skills – Many studies have found kids who work on puzzles at a young age do better on spatial reasoning as they grow older.  It shouldn’t be a big surprise since puzzles have kids flipping, sliding, and turning to find the right fit.
  • Social Skills – Puzzles often bring groups together.  Kids can talk, ask questions, and share with each other while working as a group.
  • Confidence – Maybe most importantly, finishing a puzzle can bring a kid a great sense of accomplishment and something they can be proud of themselves for!

These benefits are for any puzzle.  Imagine how much the educational benefit soars when you bring a specific topic to the puzzle you are having the kids work on!  Here are a few of our favorite EDUCATIONAL puzzles that we love!

Human Body Puzzle


Human Body Puzzle Educents

This Melissa and Doug Human Body Puzzle was SO much fun that the entire family jumped in to help build it!  The kids used the numbered body parts to help them figure out where the pieces went and we talked about what the parts did as we were building.  Win-win! Plus, if you want to get into more learning about the Human Body, you’ll have to check out this Human Body Play Set from Mona MeLisa Designs, as well!

Veggie Tales Puzzle

Build with Veggie Tales on your own floor!  This 3 foot puzzle is great for little learners.  The larger pieces help with fine motor skills, while the empowering message makes a great conversation starter.

Frozen Puzzle


Frozen puzzle



There is always room for some FROZEN fun, right!?  This 4 pack puzzle set is perfect for Frozen fans!

Bilingual Puzzle

cameleon puzzle

This cute chameleon bilingual puzzle includes number in English and Spanish!


Printable Puzzles



Try these educational, printable puzzles too.  The CVC version has a set of puzzles for each short vowel and the math set includes puzzles for skills like numbers, shapes, coins, and telling time.  Each set includes differentiated recording sheets if you want to use them at centers.




So, what are you waiting on!?  Go get your puzzle on!!  And, don’t worry!  They aren’t just fun, they are EDUCATIONAL!