This Unique Toy Empowers Little Girls to Be Confident Engineers

One homeschool mom found a toy that will inspire a love of STEM, and empower her daughters to become confident in STEM learning.

As a mother of three girls, I’m obviously supporter of all things that empower girls to be great in a way that go against gender stereotypes. Which is why I love GoldieBlox.

Did you know that every GoldieBlox product promotes and provides STEM activities, specifically geared towards engineering? It is the company’s mission to empower young girls to be creative builders.

Women engineers are few in the United States. Women only occupy 25% of STEM jobs. There is a definite need for women in the STEM fields and the GoldieBlox products are sparking young girls’ interests, preparing them for futures in STEM careers, including my daughters.

The Craft-Struction Box

The Craft-Struction Box is a young builder’s dream. The thought of 275 pieces of any toy usually makes me cringe, but I found out all the pieces can easily fit into a one gallon re-sealable bag. This set is recommended for children ages 6+.

What’s Inside the Box:
– 275 Construction pieces
– Double-sided poster with creation ideas and building parts library
– Stickers for decorating and marking projects as complete
– Pompoms

Craft-Struction Box - GoldieBlox Review

Why I (And My Girls) Love It

When I asked my five year old what she liked most about “playing” with this set, she said, “Because I can build so many things!” The endless possibilities kept both of my daughters creating for, at least, an hour and a half!

Here’s more reasons to love the Craft-Struction Box:

Many science topics can be explored

I can’t think of another toy that allows children to explore: propulsion, simple machines, aerodynamics, center of mass, mechanical motion, compression, centripetal force, flexibility and more.

It encourages independent learning and provides an endless amount of open-ended play

After opening the set for the first time, I allowed my girls to have free play, as I was curious to see what they would create. Since there are no set instructions for the included project ideas and building parts, children are free to use their imagination and creativity when building.Goldieblox

Creates functioning toys

The first creation my daughters made was the “Wheelie Swings” which demonstrates centripetal force. With over 51 pieces needed for this project, it only took them 15-20 minutes to complete. They needed minimal assistance and guidance, but stayed completely engaged.

Watch my daughter follow the directions to build a Wheelie Swing.

Additional project ideas online

My kids, like many their age, enjoy watching unboxing and instructional videos. is an extension of GoldieBlox products and is dedicated to providing additonal project ideas through instructional videos and GoldBlox themed mini-stories. Just play a video from a tablet, laptop or mobile device and kids can watch and build.

Always Learning

When playing with this set, whether they know it or not, children are in a constant state of learning. It is a simple learning tool that can be added to any learning environment. As a homeschooling parent I look for ways to create interactive lessons that will not only excite the children, but help them develop lasting skills. GoldieBlox sets provide that over and over again. Here are some ideas for some structured learning time with the Craft-Struction Box:

Activity 1: What’s Outside?

Take your child on a short walk outside to find one thing found outdoors that can be recreated with parts from the set. Maybe it’s a flower, a bug, a car or building, the sky’s the limit. Before building, have them create a sketch of their idea, then create!

Activity 2: 20-Piece Challenge

Challenge students to build whatever their imaginations can think of, but with only 20 building pieces. Have class choose which idea was most innovative and functional.

Activity 3: Explore Robots

During your next science homeschool lesson have your child research what robots are used in a particular industry (i.e. food, pharmaceutical, automobile, etc.), then have them create a robot of their own. Have them decide what problem their robot solves.

Craft-Struction Box - GoldieBlox ReviewThe number of toys on the market that encourage girls to be frilly, pretty and domestic are numerous. Sure, we love all that stuff – but girls are more than pretty. GoldieBlox provides a tangible toy that encourages STEM learning for girls.

Click here to learn more about the GoldieBlox Craft-Struction Box

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