Unique Resources for Back To School Season

It’s easy to get lost in the crowd. As a parent, you know how valuable it is for your kid to stand out. These days, many parents take a unique approach to their children’s education. More people homeschool than ever before, parents take their child’s education on the road, and many kids learn robotics in school and at home. What are some other ways your child’s education can be different? This back to school season, make sure your child stands out with our special collection of unique back-to-school products.

Classroom and Curriculum

Bixbee Backpacks

Your child needs a backpack for school… why not make it one they will love? When your child wears a Bixbee backpack, their imagination will take flight. Your kid can become a butterfly, a dinosaur, a fox, or even a shark! Bixbee provides matching lunchboxes as well. Purchasing from Bixbee doesn’t just provide your child with what they need for school. When you buy a backpack from Bixbee, they donate a backpack and supplies to a kid in need. Wearing a Bixbee backpack will make your kid stand out in the crowd while helping kids around the world.

Youth Digital

Youth Digital is the perfect resource for teaching your child to code. They use games and products your child already loves, like Minecraft, to encourage an interest in valuable life skills. With Youth Digital products, your child can learn to code, make a 3D movie, design a video game, or even design a fashion portfolio. Your child will use these programs to make creations they can be proud of. With the skills learned using Youth Digital products, your kid will be prepared for the future!


Do your children sometimes get bored with lessons? UKloo is a way for kids and parents to play together while actually practicing literacy skills. The uKloo treasure hunt games are perfect for homeschoolers, classrooms, and parents of reluctant readers. The game gets kids active and excited about finding the next clue. Each level varies, but for all of the uKloo games, parents set up a scavenger hunt of clues for kids to find by reading the cards. With higher-level cards, riddles and trickier clues let kids know where the cards are hidden. The uKloo games equip parents with a fun approach to early literacy.

Mona MELisa

Mona MELisa products were actually “designed to be different.” Kids can set up a template, like a map, and place durable, removable fabric pieces on the map to learn and demonstrate geography lessons. Your kids can learn about any kind of subject, like the solar system, US presidents, or the human body, while having fun. Mona MELisa products were originally designed for homeschoolers interested in immersing their children in learning. Using the peel, play and learn sets, kids get involved in learning by moving, talking, touching, and seeing the world in a new way. They’re perfect for visual and kinesthetic learners.

Times Tales

For any child struggling to learn multiplication tables, Times Tales is the perfect answer. The program takes an alternative approach to memorizing math facts. Children looking for a different way to memorize their multiplication tables find success with Times Tales because the program uses characters and stories to help drill facts home. Using an uncommon approach like this helps kids who may have a different learning style or are simply looking to add some fun to their math lessons. The Times Tales characters are fun and distinctive — using these lessons ensures that your kid will be on top of their math facts for the years to come.

Learn Math Fast

The Learn Math Fast curriculum takes a singular approach to teaching math. Students can learn multiple grade levels in just one year! The curriculum is straightforward, preparing students with everything they need, from teaching elementary level math to through high school. By the end, students should be prepared to take college prep level math tests like the ACT and SAT. According to the Learn Math Fast experts, the older a student is, the faster they’ll learn. If you’re looking for a quick, painless approach to learning math, this is the curriculum for you.