Unique Gift Ideas that Kids with Special Needs Will Love (and actually use!)

Check out this collection of fun and educational gifts for children with special needs.

Gifts for Kids with Dyslexia

Fun-Schooling with Minecraft

Make Minecraft educational!

This makes a super gift for a homeschooling family with kids who don’t sit still, unless they are playing Minecraft!Special Needs Minecraft Curriculum

Cover all the required subjects while giving your child freedom to be creative! This do-it-yourself curriculum can provide 2 to 4 hours of homeschooling instruction every day!

This Minecraft-themed curriculum uses the Dyslexie Font to make reading and learning easy for students with dyslexia. The lessons include Reading, Handwriting, Creative Writing, Spelling & Vocabulary, Classical Literature, Biographies, Classical Music, Mathematics, Science, History, World Geography, Social Studies & Current Events, Computer Skills, Building & Design, Art, Drawing and Design, Creative Comics, Library Skills, and Unit Studies (based on the student’s favorite topics).

This gift it is perfect for children ages 8 to 11 who have symptoms of Dyslexia, ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome or Autism.

“Minecraft is all the rage, what kid can resist it? That priceless look on your child face when you give them a minecraft theme curriculum guide, instead of a boring text book! We have 4 kids using this book, ranging from 9-16…and yet it’s perfectly at each of their levels based on what they plug into it. Thinking tree is revolutionary!” ~Scott S

Touch Type Read and Spell Program (TTRS) 

Type to learn! Learn to type!

Touch Type ProgramThis makes a great gift for the child with dyslexia who is highly motivated by technology.

Touch Type Read and Spell is a multi-sensory course that teaches touch-typing to help children improve their reading and spelling skills. TTRS can be used as a standalone touch-typing course and is especially useful for those with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

This is a highly structured course which facilities students feeling in control of their own learning. The word lists are based on the book ‘Alpha to Omega’ and the work of Orton and Gillingham. TTRS uses small, incremental steps delivered at the pace right for each individual learner.

Gifts for Kids with ADD or ADHD

Sensory Foot Fidget
A tool for fidgety kids!

Does your child have a hard time focusing when it’s time to read, learn, or sit down for dinner?Foot Fidget

This brilliant tool provides fidgety kids with a quiet, non-disruptive way to keep their feet moving while their eyes, ears, and hands stay focused. It can be used in school, at home, at a restaurant, or any place that requires the attention and focus of a youngster.

“This is very easy to install. My son has difficulty sitting still in a chair whether at dinner or when we are doing school work. This seems to help him focus his extra energy and is better able to focus. It’s not a dramatic improvement, but a simple and fairly cheap tool to help him a little.” -Jennifer M.

The Gift of ADHD Card Game

Learn about ADHD through play!

This is a great inclusive social game that can be played during the holidays!

ADHD GiftThis game will motivate kids & teens to use their unique skills to build a lifetime of success. It’s developed by a child psychologist. This game will create a unique opportunity for kids and teens to understand the special skills that are associated with ADHD and apply these skills to everyday problems and concerns.

This game takes a positive approach to helping kids and teens with ADHD, helping them see that their differences can also be strengths. Ideally, the game will help players see that their strengths can also be used to address problems associated with ADHD.

uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game

Get your kids reading without even realizing it!

This makes a special gift for the child who needs to move to learn.Ukloo Game for Kids

Disguised as a treasure hunt, this multi-award winning children’s literacy game gets kids physically active by reading clues to find a hidden surprise. There’s even a Picture Helper poster to look up words when kids get stuck! The children are so engaged, they begin reading without even realizing it. Great for beginner and reluctant readers, ADHD and children of all abilities. Parents decide on award surprises and tailor the game to each individual child’s needs and progress.

But, shh… don’t tell the kids it’s educational. You don’t want to spoil the fun!

“My son was a very resistant reader! He refused to sit down to reading lessons and cried whenever I took a book out. Thank goodness a friend recommended uKloo Early Reader. It absolutely tricked him into reading and now his his reading confidence is sky high! No more tears when it’s time to read! Great Great Great game!” ~Billy Jean L

“This game has changed my son’s entire outlook on reading. I purchased uKloo on his teacher’s recommendation and I am very happy to say it worked in getting him to overcome his reading phobia! He’s gone from a reluctant reader to an eager reader. uKloo delivers on it’s promise of reading without realizing it! It’s a must have for all beginner readers!” ~Dina A

Gift Ideas for Kids with Autism

Weighted Lap Pad

Ground and focus!

Weighted BlanketWeighted lap pads are often incorporated into learning environments in which students need sensory feedback.

Placed on the lap, the pads can remind a child to stay in place. They may help diffuse tension, decrease restlessness, and assist with focus. These plastic pellet filled lap pads can also be used as a warming/cooling pad when warmed in the dryer or cooled in the freezer. Imagine the comfort of a warm lap pad on a child’s back!

Your child will explore electronic devices, circuits, wearable technology and while experimenting with many aspects of science, math, engineering and technology to make this multi-use creation. Kids receive a lab notebook to record activities and document their findings. The kit also includes videos and more interactive activities for kids to supplement what they are learning from the box projects.

This unique gift is an educational discovery tool for kids ages 8 and up.

Body Sock

The sock that soothes!

This makes a unique gift for the child who enjoys tactile sensory experiences.Body Sock

Constructed of stretchy lycra, this body sock provides plenty of sensory feedback. Through resistance, balance is improved and body awareness increased. This can aid in overall coordination and build self-confidence. The sock also offers deep pressure input which can help promote calm.

Floor Surfer

Get your surf on!

This makes a fun, imaginative gift for kids with low muscle tone, sensory sensitivity, and autism.

Floor SurferSurfing the waves is known for its therapeutic benefits, especially for those with sensory overload. The Floor Surfer® is a roller board for play and therapy. It combines play and training of motor skills and was developed in partnership with children’s physiotherapists to ensure safe use by any child irrespective of motor skills level.

Children can use the surfer on their tummies to build arm and core muscle strength. They can also kneel or sit to surf to help with motor planning and balance.


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