Unique Birthday Gift Ideas (Under $25)

When you’re invited to a child’s birthday party, your first thought is, “what am I going to get them?” You dream of giving an epic gift, and then you realize what an “epic gift” might cost. Shopping for a child’s birthday can be expensive. But fear not – we’ve gathered a list of unique birthday gift ideas. All of these gifts provide educational value and are available on Educents for $25 or less! 

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas (Under $40)

This list of unique birthday gift ideas is organized by the age range they are best-suited for.  Bookmark this page, you’re gonna need it!

Gifts for Ages 3 to 5

The Make a Match Game is a unique birthday gift for kids ages 3 to 5.

Make a Match Game ($21.00) – This wooden game helps children bolster memory skills and have fun while doing it. Perfect for picnics, play dates, and rainy games, this game is small enough to carry in your pocket.

Musical Instruments ($14.05) – If you, the gift-giver, is a musician, this is the perfect gift to give. You know kids are more likely to succeed in playing a musical instrument if they start early. There are plenty of instruments that are great for toddlers, including this colorful Glockenspiel.

Magnetic Building Blocks ($20.00) – Does the birthday kid love to build? The magnetic building blocks make an amazing gift to those children want to build houses, machines or even robots!


Gifts for Ages 6 to 8

Give the gift of music!

Musical Stories ($12.73) – Maestro Classics prides itself on brilliant representations of classic stories. One of the most classic of these stories is “The Tortoise and the Hare,” which is entertaining and provides a good lesson.

Science Experiment ($14.99) – The Slimy Squishy Polymer Bucket is the perfect gift for any budding scientists who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. And, with an experiment this fun, most kids would want to dive in head first.head first.

Pirate Adventure Board Game  ($24.99) – This board game is cleverly disguised. Kids will be having so much fun that they won/t even know that they learning math from an award-winning program.

Garden Flowers Coloring Book ($5.09) – One great idea for a gift is are coloring books. These garden flower coloring books are perfect for child and parent, and can make a great group activity.

Gifts for Ages 9 to 10

Give the Food Fighters game as a birthday gift.

Food Fighter 2-Player Game ($17) – Food Fighter is a board game that has two children face off in a kitchen-themed battle. Children will have fun while developing higher-order thinking skills, mathematics, literacy, and executive functioning skills.

Math Card Game ($14.99) – Numbers League is a math card game with great illustrations where you use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to capture villains with the superheroes you build. Adventures in Addiplication await!

Puzzle Board Game ($19.99) – Bring the family together with Quartex, a game that is quick to learn but tricky to master! Every game of Quartex is unique due to the fun ways the shapes interact.

Gifts for Ages 11 to 13

I love a mystery books
These Mystery Books are a fun way for kids to flex their math muscles.

Math & Science Mystery Books
 ($24.00) – The One Minute Mystery series takes a simple concept and turns it into an awesome book. Kids will read these mysteries, and use their deduction skills and knowledge of math and science to find the solution.

Dream Catcher Kit ($18.95) – Building dreamcatchers has been a staple in growing up for
dozens of years. This all-in-one kit refines the process even further.

Just Add Milk Experiments ($13.00) – This art and science kit is the perfect gift for the science-oriented mind. These experiments are great for the fact that they require little oversight by parents.

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