Turn Your Backyard into a Never-Ending Adventure!

There is about one month (or less) left of summer vacation! Hard to believe it’s almost over, but we think there is still PLENTY of time to turn your backyard into a play area your little adventurers will never tire of. Check out these DIY outdoor creations that YOU can put together! 

enhanced-buzz-6174-1364238944-6Adorable Treehouse

Think a treehouse is too complicated to put together? Think again! This tutorial from Apartment Therapy will have your little ones and their friends loving you! In just 6 simple steps, you will have yourself an adorable treehouse perfect for your little climbers. 


Backyard Camping

enhanced-buzz-31547-1364263567-7Set up a tent, grab some pillows, blankets, your favorite books, and call it a night! You don’t have to leave your own backyard to get the true experience of camping. Setting up a tent in your backyard is the perfect place to take your kiddos camping for their first time! 


Build a Teepee

Finished-teepee1Building a teepee is easy with these simple steps from The Etsy Blog! Her directions are descriptive and engaging. Your children will even be able to help you! Once you build this little teepee, they’ll never want to leave!


Spray Paint Twister

DSC00243Don’t have the space in your house to play twister? Why not take it outside? This tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets tells you ALL you need to know about bringing one of our favorite games outdoors! 


Little Hideouts

DayCamp_HulaHoopHideoutMain1You and your little ones can now spend the last few weeks of summer comfortably enjoying the outdoors. These little hideouts are perfect to relax, read, and eat snacks. The Craft Nest explains all the materials you will need to create a fantastic and comfy spot for your kiddos. 


Bunk-Bed = Star Gazing Loft 

enhanced-buzz-22318-1364251843-10This is our favorite DIY summer idea yet. If you have an old bunk bed you’ve been trying to get rid of, this is the PERFECT way to put it to good use. Add a fresh coat of paint, add some pillows and blankets, and enjoy! If you have a telescope, even better! 


Feel free to share any ideas you may have! If you post about them on Instagram, be sure to tag us @educents.

Happy DIY-ing 🙂