Top Resource Picks by Trusted Teachers

Teachers flock to Educents for a bunch of reasons. Teachers to sell resources to other teachers, they discover new resources for their classrooms, and they get support from other members in our community.

We asked a few teachers from our community to introduce themselves and share their top learning resource pick. Here are the items they encourage our parents, teachers & homeschoolers to use for fun learning.


me 14Stacy Pearson – Teacher’s Take-Out

I’m a certified teacher of 17 years. I’ve taught 1st-4th grades. I run my own tutoring business and sharing teaching materials with other teachers. I’ve lived in Arizona for over 26 years. I was born and raised in Minnesota.

My Top Pick: Super Multiplication Worksheets

super hero math worksheets

This product has been popular over at Educents. It provides fun and needed practice on multiplying factors 0-10. This will increase student’s fluency and knowledge with multiplication facts.

WendyWendy Kayne – Teacher’s Toolkit

Hi everyone! My name is Wendy and I have been teaching for nearly 30 years. Part of that time (10 years) was spent teaching abroad. Along the way, I have taught all grades in the elementary school, but I have spent the last 11 years in first grade, which I love!

My store, Teacher’s Toolkit, specializes in resources for lower elementary.

My Top Pick: Checkbox Challenge

I wrote this blog post about improving reading comprehension to explain why I created my Top Teacher Pick.

I created this pack to encourage struggling readers from second to fourth grades to practice their comprehension skills, using non-fiction text with age-appropriate content. I have also used it with my advanced first graders.


ErinBeersErin Beers – Mrs. Beers

I am a teacher-mom and educational resource creator.  I have taught for 15 years and especially love teaching 6th-grade language arts. In a recent blog post, I shared some tips for helping students that are struggling with reading, and how to make student readers feel more successful and engaged with the texts they are reading.

My Top Pick: Novels Made Easy

novel units for 6th graders

It can be tricky to find resources that meet the needs of all or even the majority of my 6th-grade students because I have students reading from the kindergarten to high school level! My students want to read books, but I needed to create engaging novel units to make this happen. Also, I have truly struggled as a reading teacher to give my students the freedom they need as accountable, independent readers. They need to be able to self-select novels and have the tools to enhance their learning.

I created this bundle of novel units to make self-selected reading as productive as possible.  This resource includes 15-print and go novel units with answer keys to accommodate various genres and diverse student reading levels.

Jessica LawlerJessica Lawler – Joy in the Journey

Hello! I’m Jessica Lawler, the writer over at “Joy in the Journey.” I taught 5th graders for several years before staying home with my cutie-patootie 9-month-old son. I love helping teachers simplify their lesson planning with fun, engaging, print-and-go packets. In my spare time I love crafting, baking, and getting lost in a good book.

My Top Pick: Planet Passport – Solar System MEGA Packet 

As a 5th grade teacher, I always try to make teaching fun and engaging for my students. This “Planet Passport” MEGA packet includes 50 pages to supplement your unit on the solar system. These pages can be completed together as a whole class, as a small group project, or as an individual research project for enrichment and/or a take-home project. Full answer keys for the passport pages are included. Simplify your lesson planning with this print-and-go packet – you’ll thank yourself later!


yvonne-salzburg-squareYvonne Crawford – Mixminder

I have taught public school at both the elementary and high school level, and have taught English as a Second Language for several years at schools in France, Hungary, Slovakia, and the United States. I love finding creative ways to make education fun and fulfilling for both teachers and students.

Top Top Pick:  Figurative Language Close Reading

how to teach cliche, alliteration, onomatopoeia

Kids love to learn and use different types of figurative language. With this resource you can teach students a variety of different figurative language tools, including cliché, alliteration, onomatopoeia, assonance, metaphor, personification, idiom, hyperbole, and simile. Included are six original stories that exhibit all of these types of figurative language, and exercises to help students practice their new language skills in a fun and creative way.

melanie fosterMelanie Foster – Mizz Foster’s Class

I am a teacher and artist who has been teaching Secondary Science for fourteen years in Texas. I have taught Biology, Chemistry and Physics at all levels from remedial to AP using multiple intelligences to captivate my audience.  

My Top Pick: BIG BUNDLE Genetic Disorders and DNA Mutations with Chromosomal Abnormalities

Students will be introduced to genetic disorders by means of genetic mutations by the power point that has accompanying student guided notes. Each type of a mutation has a real genetic disease so students can see how these diseases affect life. Included are writing prompt cards which review the mutations and problem set worksheets where students can mimic single DNA strand mutations and diagnose chromosomal mutation syndromes. When teaching genetics I s aw that there were too many Sponge bob and cartoon type genetic sets which ok for younger grades, but in high school I needed something more concrete that students could relate to. I developed this power point and activities to help my students become more understanding and better informed as to how mutations affect the quality of life of people suffering from them. The activities also give students insight to what geneticists do in a fun educational environment. 


AprilApril Smith – Performing in Education

I’m a teacher, trainer, and business owner from Arizona. I’ve been teaching in the upper grades for eight years and have been involved in education for a total of 12 years. In a recent blog post, I shared my ideas for how to run a successful writer’s workshop in the classroom. Writing can be such a difficult subject to teach! Writer’s workshop allows for you to give each student the individualized help they need while still teaching the necessary skills and standards to the entire class.

My Top Pick: Complete Guide to Teaching Explanatory, Opinion, and Informational Writing

printable writing guide for kids

Planning for the writing lessons for your class is very time-consuming. In my “Complete Guide to Teaching Writing” resource, I walk teachers and homeschoolers through how to each-each part of the writing process for explanatory, informational, and opinion (persuasive) writing. This resource also includes all of the printable organizers that students need to successfully organize their writing, along with models and examples for each step.

Ashley Cook profile pictureAshley Cook – Teaching in Bronco County

I am Ashley, the blogger behind Teaching In Bronco Country. I am a third-grade literacy and social studies teacher. I love reading, blogging, being a mom and, of course, the Denver Broncos.

Read my post about free tech resources for your classroom!

My Top Pick: Economics in the Classroom  

This interactive activity is a great way to teach some economic principles in the primary classroom. Each student receives a job card and a task card. They go around the classroom to earn and spend money. After three rounds, including supply and demand round, students reflect on their choices and feelings about the activity. Since the students interact and go through part of the economic process they really understand the economic principles. 


Melissa MichaelMelissa Michael – Teacher Treasure Hunter

I’m Melissa, and I’ve been an elementary teacher for eight years. My Teacher Treasure Hunter store specializes in resources to help lower elementary teachers.

My Top Pick: Arctic Animals Research Papers

elementary students practice research winter animals

I love teaching nonfiction reading and writing skills through studying animals. The students are so engaged, and I find they do some of their best work as they are immersed in learning about a particular animal. When I started teaching 1st grade, I found it difficult to find a range of resources at an accessible reading level. I wanted my students to do Arctic Animal reports, but the books that were at their reading level only covered a few of the basic animals that live in the Arctic. I decided to write my own materials for them to use during their research time. They loved it!

My Arctic Animals Research Pages pack at Educents features 24 animals that live in the Arctic. It is written for lower elementary students. It includes informational pages, a graphic organizer to help them search for important facts and color photos to use for a bulletin board or display.


Wendy McCarty – 1st Grade Fireworkswendy mccarty

I’m Wendy! I have been teaching for 26 years..all in GRADE 1! First grade is in my heart! I create materials for primary students to expand their knowledge while having fun! Our motto is ” Giggles, Grins, Hugs, & High Fives!”

I love getting my hands dirty! I compiled a list of ideas on how you can bring learning outside

My Top Pick: Book Club Packets 

Book Club book reports came from my student’s desire to “dive deeper” into the books they were reading. First Graders enjoy reading as a small group, but have not always been taught HOW TO expand their thinking. So my student’s read a book as a team, and then DIVE DEEPER for expanded comprehension. The Booklet form allows them to work over longer periods of time on a single book.  This packet can be used with ANY book and includes both whole page and half-page for printing.

wife teacher mommyKelsey Sorenson – Wife Teacher Mommy

I am a former teacher turned stay at home mom to an almost two year old boy and a little girl on the way (due in August!) I have a passion for creating fun, unique teaching resources as well as time savers for teachers and homeschoolers. 

My favorite way to integrate science and art is through this fun Paper Mache Planets project

My Top Pick: My Ready To Go Sub Plans are HUGE time savers for K-6 teachers

For school teachers, taking a day off is often harder than going in to school sick! To alleviate the hassle of writing sub plans, try my Ready to Go Sub Plans! These are print and go, so all you need to do is take care of yourself and get better. They are also perfect for emergency sub plans. Many teachers have told me that these were a huge lifesaver for them! They are available for grades K-6 in my storefront. Bundle discounts are available for purchasing multiple days!