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Homeschool Top Picks

In celebration of Homeschool Week, a handful of trusted homeschoolers selected their top homeschool resources available on Educents.

Rebecca of Hip Homeschooling

rebeccaRebecca is a homeschool mom to five young children who was homeschooled herself and blogs about her chaos over at She is married to an RCMP officer and lives in a distant corner of BC, Canada on a beautiful island in Haida Gwaii.

Homeschool Resource:  Meet the Solution to “Im Bored” with this Free Printable

Rebecca’s PickMagformers

Magformers pieces at play copy copy

“We LOVE Magformers in our homeschool! They are a high quality toy that provide hours of creative play. They are a great way to bring the fun back into your homeschool, your kids won’t even realize they are learning all about structures and geometric shapes and architecture (bonus!).”

Jamie of Simple Homeschool

JamieJamie is a mama to three cute kids born on three different continents. She serves as the managing editor of and blogs about mindful parenting at

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Jamie’s PickLife of Fred Elementary

Buyer's Guide Life of Fred Blog Post (2)

“I love the way the math is naturally integrated into Fred’s life, showing the importance of it in day-to-day life. The chapters are laugh-out-loud funny and I often get asked to read “just one more.” I’ve never been a huge fan of math workbooks and worksheets, so the combination of math and story is a major win in my books!”

Teri of Mommy Wife Life

TeriTeri Watters is a lifestyle & parenting blogger. She’s also a stay-at-home mom to two preschoolers ages 3 and 4.

Homeschool Resource: Creative Writing with Mama May I Story Starters


Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 2.09.22 PM

Teri’s Pick #1Spectacular Space Unit Study

“A great resource for young astronomers is the Spectacular Space Unit Study. From writing, reading, math, and crafts, this complete unit, with its simple terms, will spark the interest of even your preschoolers!”

Teri’s Pick #2Brain Quest Decks

“Using Brain Quest Decks during learning time has turned out to be a life saver! When the kids get slightly unfocused, this resource helps give them a mental break from the lesson and offers a time to refocus!”home-products-2

Gabriella, Homeschooling Consultant

GabriellaGabriella Volpe is a homeschooling mom of a child with special needs, a certified teacher, and the homeschool consultant for families of children with special needs. She knows first-hand what it means to struggle with educational planning for a child who does not fit the system and is limited by resources and products intended for children without disabilities.

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Gabrielle’s Pick #1Magformers

“Finally! A product that is easy to manipulate, reduces frustration in a child with fine motor difficulties, and is safe enough to use with a child who mouths everything! My son learns shapes and colors while working on therapeutic goals such as bilateral coordination and visual discrimination.”

Gabrielle’s Pick  #2: Toobaloo Phone and Headsets

“I love the light-weight feel and portability of these tools. They make focusing on reading and school work easy and fun. Children can block out background noise wherever they are: in the classroom, on the bus, or even in a waiting room.”

numberformationGabrielle’s Pick #3: Number Formation Poems

“We have these cards laminated because we know they’ll be used for years to come. My son, who learns best through rhyme and tactile input, is learning to write digits using these easy-to-remember number formation poems! I have reduced the size of the cards, added a ring binder, and now have a portable number set. We also use the cards for matching games and learning about quantity. Such a great price for all of the value provided by this set.”

Shelly, Free Homeschooling 101

 Shelly is a veteran Homeschooling mother who has two sons who are homeschool graduates. She continues to Homeschool her four youngest children, Vinze, Daxx, Kole and. J. Hannah. She is the founder of Free Homeschooling 101 on Facebook. Her years as a birth, adoptive foster mother and now grandmother continue to guide her as she reaches out to help fellow homeschooling families on their journey.

Shelly’s Pick #1: Violin Starter Set

“The violin starter set includes everything a budding violinist needs to begin their studies. The instrument is well made and economical. The lessons that are included are a huge money saver!”

Shelly’s Pick #2Life of Fred Books

IMG_0684“Life of Fred has made math lovers of my children. Kole, particularly, reads the lessons FOR FUN! I have to admit, I too have enjoyed reading them. After all of these years as a Homeschooling mother it is fascinating to ‘see’ math on a different way. Frankly, I am also grateful to have a method that doesn’t make ME want to fall asleep!”

Shelly’s Pick #3: FREE Arctic Animals ABC Worksheets

“The Educents Handwriting Worksheets (both the arctic animals and the super heroes) are easy straight to the point worksheets that are colorful and fun to use. When printed on black and white, the arctic sheets also double as artistic property for those who enjoy coloring their work to keep in their Notebooking binders.”


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