Top Homeschool Games for Kids

It’s true that some games for kids can waste valuable learning time, but even the most eager learners need a break from textbooks and worksheets. Think back to when you were a student. Even on your best day, the odds are that at certain times you were wishing you could be doing anything else than reading a bland textbook. Thankfully, there are tons of games that not only let them blow off some steam but also encourage learning.

Homeschoolers have the ability to cater their entire curriculum towards what works best for their student. That means you can incorporate supplemental learning experiences, including fun learning games for kids, into your standard homeschool curriculum. This ability comes into play for every subject, including literacy. The United States has dropped to the 7th-most literate country in the world. It’s time to get creative in homeschool tactics for teaching literacy.

Learn Literacy And Have Fun Doing It

You can determine which learning game is the most effective by how FUN it is, and how successfully it can disguise the lessons. One game that has successfully disguised its lessons is the uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game from uKloo Kids Inc.


uKloo is a fun teaching game that providing help for kids who are looking to strengthen their reading skills. The best part about it, is it get kids physically engaged and active.

How uKloo works

With uKloo, parents can combine learning literacy with a fun scavenger hunt at home. You’re required to set up a little bit. As the parent, you must move around your home planting “clue cards,” that will eventually lead little learners to a “surprise card.”

Clue cards have multiple levels of difficulty and sentence structure. An example of a level one clue card might be something simple like “look under the mat,” where a more complex level three card might say “search in the backpack on the couch.” At the end of their journey, children will find a surprise card. These surprise cards are blank so parents can write in rewards of their choice. Some ideas for rewards include “stickers,” trip to get ice cream,” or even as wild as an announcement of a new baby sister!

What child doesn’t love a treasure hunt? This is an ingenious game that my students really love. They look forward to finding the cards. I use this game as a reward because it is that much fun. I would highly recommend this . It is easy to follow and a lot of fun.” – Carol C., Educents customer

Children will be able to reinforce literacy skills with this game by first reading what is on the cards, then associating the sentences with household objects. The cards are also packed full of the super-important sight words, which every child should be able to understand. If you’re looking for something slightly more challenging for your homeschool curriculum, uKloo offers multiple games for kids, including a “riddle edition” of their game, which features more complex rule cards.

uKloo Riddle Edition

uKloo Riddle Edition


Who is it for?

  • Pre-K
  • Kindergarten
  • 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade
  • Anyone who wants to work on reading or sight words
  • Students with Special Needs

A Message from the creator of uKloo

I created uKloo for my eldest son, Max, when he was in Grade 2 and struggling with reading. Max always loved being read to, but when it came time for his reading homework… he would literally hide. I knew I had to get creative, so I came up with this game. In a short time, Max was laughing and learning. He so enjoyed running around the house collecting clues that he started to build his reading skills without even realizing it! His younger brother, who also avoided reading homework, soon followed suit. Before I knew it, their friends would come over and request the game! – Doreen D.

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More Games For Kids

Looking for more games for kids? Here are a few of our favorites from Educents and from other websites that we love!!

Alphabet Beans Matching Game – This cute and fun game only requires a pen, some beans, and muffin liners. Children will be able to have a tactile experience while matching the proper bean to the right area.

Sensory Color Sorting Play Set – This beautiful textile learning experience is great for young learners as well as those with special needs. This beautiful color-sorting mat is quilted together and comes with paint swatches, ribbon, yarn, buttons, wooden coins, glass gems and a drawstring pouch for easy storage.

games for kids

I Have, Who Has? – Kids can learn two things at once with this fun and simple game. Parents print out cards with shapes and colors, and children must find certain shapes while sharing their own.

High Five Multiplication Game – Get kids active and teach them math at the same time with this game that’s as easy to prepare that it is fun. Paper is taped to the wall with hands and numbers, and it’s up to students to use their multiplication skills find the right hand to deliver a high five to.

Sight Word Drag Racing – This game is perfect for young boys and girls who are excited about cars. By placing stickers with sight words on cars, you can create fun drag races pitting the words against each other.

sight race drag racing
via Playdough To Plato

WILD Uno Card Bundles -Are you looking for some games for kids similar to some of your favorites? These custom-made WILD Uno Card Bundles are a great homeschool supplement. These six card game bundles use Uno rules to teach math to children of various ages. There’s even a free sample!

Initial Sound Blackout Game – Phonics are the stepping stones of learning, and this cute DIY game is an awesome way to set your young learner up for success. Parents can make sounds that students will then identify, and also match the correct place on the easily-printable sheet.

Math Slam – Interactive cool math games are hard to come by, but Math Slam is engaging, educational, and provides hours of fun for K-5 learners. Students must work through 13-question timed rounds, slapping the correct answer as quick as they can. The game comes in several levels of difficulty, for children of multiple ages to enjoy.

homeschool games for kids

Color Matching Dexterity and Pretend Play Game – These colorful, high-quality wooden toys are great tactile learning tools. Students will be able to put together and play with the colors of the rainbow with these fun toys.

Periodic Table Battleship – All the fun of the classic game of Battleship but with an educational science twist! Students can practice learning the periodic table of elements while playing one of their favorite games.

periodic table battleship game
via Teach Beside Me