These Kids Overcame Dyslexia to Learn Their Multiplication Tables!

If your child is struggling with dyslexia, learning the multiplication tables can be hard. Times Tales can help. See what parents are saying about how Times Tales helps their dyslexic kids learn the times tables!


“Bought this for my fourth grade grand daughter. She has dyslexia and has had a hard time learning multiplication facts. She loves this! She knows most of them even though we have not spent enough time on them with all the Christmas programs, etc. that she is in. Her second grade sister knows most of them also. They need to add the twos and fives. We have been making up our own and they enjoy that too. I am a retired middle school math teacher so I know the importance of learning multiplication tables! A+++++”


My 10 year old daughter has dyslexia and learning her times tables was very difficult for her. However after only watching the video twice she has mastered them all!!!! I highly recommend this product and have been telling everyone I know about it.


I had seen the reviews before saying what a great product this was. I kept putting off and putting it off. I had also read about how it was such a great tool for kids with dyslexia. Well it was ALL true. I wish I would have ordered it sooner. Our daughter is learning her multiplications and enjoying it too. Our little 4 year old watches it with her. Soon he will learn them also.


We’ve been struggling for 3 years to get the tables to “stick” in my right-brained dyslexic learner’s brain. Nothing doing until Times Tales. The illustrations have finally given him something his brain can reference. In one week, he has the facts nailed! Anyone with a dyslexic child will realize the significance when I say… CONSISTENTLY nailed! Our 4th and 2nd grade children have watched along and are also now effortlessly able to recite the facts because they really enjoyed the stories. They all three begged for the worksheets to be printed! Times Tales worked for all the learning styles in our home, but is a special gift to those whose children or students learn better from images or stories.


9 year old dyslexic daughter “got it” after only one viewing! I think that says it all, sure her school friends (who learned the traditional way) thought it was boring, but for her it finally clicked, its all about memorization and stories are EASY to remember! Now we are creating our own stories to go with the simple times facts because its fun!


The times tables have been a hurdle for my dyslexic son. Math facts just don’t stick in his brain. The fact that he has understood the science behind a black hole from the age of 4 doesn’t help him feel less stupid when asked what 9 x 8 is, and he can’t remember. I sat him down and made him watch the videos, he was bored until the statement, ” the answer is in the story”. He sat up, paid attention and now knows his times tables. (He watched the videos only once). I feel about this program the way I feel about the Grand Canyon, everyone should have a chance to look at it. Brilliant and effective, whoever thought of this approach is one smart cookie! Best $20 I have spent in a really long time.


I really like this for my dyslexic daughter. Working memory is such an issue but she does remember stories well. The stories might get monotonous but they stick if you do it often enough! Kind of like a song. It does leaves out the 0, 1, 2, 5, 10, 11, 12 tables but for my daughter I was happy with the harder ones. Knowing this might help you to go over these on your own.