The Dissolving Egg Shell & Bouncing Egg Experiment

Looking for a weekend activity? The ladies from Two Posh Lil Divas had a TON of fun with this egg-xperiment!
This experiment is simple, it involves a lot of observation but the results are really to watch and the finale was lots of messy fun.
To start with, I talked to the Lil Divas about what they thought would happen if we put some eggs in vinegar and some in water.
They have prior knowledge of the effects of vinegar based on previous experiments, so they immediately said the egg would dissolve.  I thought it was a good hypothesis considering our recent vinegar based experiments with Peeps. So we set out to see if they were correct.
What You Need:
(we used raw eggs – 2 brown & 2 white)
clear cups
What To Do:
1. Set up 4 clear cups.
2. Put 1 egg into each cup.
3. Add vinegar to 1 of each cup containing a white & brown egg.
4. Add water to the other 2 cups.
*eggs should be covered completely by each liquid.
5. Observe
Day 1:
Day 3:
Day 7:
Find out what happens during the BOUNCE TEST on Mom to 2 Posh Lil Diva’s site!

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