Tools to Teach Your Kids About the Right to Vote

Want to teach your children about the right to vote?

When we think about voting, many of us don’t consider how our kids can benefit from learning about the election process in this country. Because children cannot legally vote until the age of 18, many parents assume teaching children about voting isn’t necessary. Political ideas are complex and for grownups, right?

Teaching Kids About the Right to Vote

There are many worthwhile facts that your child can learn and comprehend about the right to vote. Sharing these with your child will not only give you special bonding time with them but it will also give them the chance to start thinking about why they should vote when they are older.

10 Facts About Voting to Share with Your Kids

  1. Voting is a process that ensures many freedoms that we enjoy every day.
  2. The Constitution and The Bill of Rights provide the framework for our country.
  3. Voting allows each person to have a voice and share their opinion of what they want for our country.
  4. Any citizen has the right to announce their run for the presidency.
  5. The first presidential election was held for almost a month from December 15, 1788 until January 10, 1789.
  6. In 1869, African American citizens won the right to vote.
  7. In most states, women did were not granted the right to vote until 1920.
  8. Elections for president are held the second Tuesday in November.
  9. The new president does not take office until January 21st.
  10. In addition to voting for the president and vice president, we vote for a number of other positions in our government to ensure that no one person has too much power.

Resources for Kids

Teaching children about the right to vote is important! We want out children to look forward to the day they are able to vote, so let’s get started early.

President Report Pages

  • Presidential Election Process Lapbook (K-5th). EVERYTHING you need to teach kids in grades K through 5th about the presidential election process.
  • Presidential Election Games and Trivia Lapbook. A book that offers you a great way to enjoy games and trivia with kids about the presidential election. This book is packed full of exciting ways to have fun while helping kids learn.
  • PBS Kids Democracy Project. PBS Kids offers you a great resource to teach children about voting. There are a wide range of topics covered that teach your child about democracy but I would highly recommend starting with the ones that teach your child about how democracy affects them.
  • President Report Pages. Help children to get excited about voting and elections by learning about the great men of the past who have served as president.
  • America Interactive Reader. Help children to learn more about this great land that we call home so that they can understand why we should all participate and take advantage of our right to vote.
  • NARA Ready to Access Essential Evidence US Electoral College. This exciting page is fun for kids to explore while they learn about the US Electoral College and past elections. There are many different areas to click and the graphics are created to help get children engaged and excited about learning.
  • Presidential Election Process Vocabulary Game. Teach kids about all of the tough vocabulary associated with the elections by playing a game that makes it easy for them.

Books About Voting

Vote for Me the book
Click to watch an animated version of the book, Vote for Me, by Ben Clanton.

There is a range of different books about voting that can help your children learn and understand the process. Some of my favorites include:

  • Grace for President by Kelly DiPucchio:
  • Vote for Me by Ben Clanton
  • Today on Election Day by Catherine Stier
  • Vote! by Eileen Christelow
  • Duck for President by Doreen Cronin

Each one of these children’s books offers a great platform for you to use when trying to teach your child about voting.

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