Teacher Appreciation Sale: Happy Teacher Appreciation Week From Educents

Teacher Appreciation is one of our favorite times of the year!

At Educents, we’ve been busy celebrating in many ways: One, by learning about the history of Teacher Appreciation. Two, by learning about an award-winning teacher’s ideas about blended learning. And now Educents is celebrating teachers with a SALE on all educational resources available on our site!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, and Happy Shopping to you!

More and more teachers are spending money out of their own pockets, so to thank them for all they do this Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re helping teachers save money on the resources for their classrooms!

Here are are a few items that teachers wish for (and can save money on while shopping the Educents sale). There are some items that teachers always need – pencil sharpeners, calendars, globes, and more!

Items that Teachers Wish For

S&S BoogieThe Paperless Note-Taker, Boogie Board – This device takes electronic note-taking to a whole new level by offering the simple, pressure-sensitive handwriting experience of pen and paper – but better! Save hundreds of pages to memory, transfer files to a computer, tablet or smartphone, share messages with Evernote, or collaborate on the big screen instantly and wirelessly via Bluetooth.

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Mailbox Organizers

15 Slot Mailbox – Spending hours rummaging through piles of paper? This slotted mailbox features five rows of 12 1/2″ x 10″ x 3″ cubbies to hold all kinds of teaching materials!

30 Slot Mailbox – When 15 slots isn’t enough, double down with this 30 slot mailbox organizer. The slots are slightly skinnier, at 12 1/2″ x 10″ x 1.5″, which is perfect for when you have a few papers for, say, 30 different students.

Classroom Craft Keeper – This is the perfect blend of organizing paper and craft supplies. It features 10 shelves for papers and smaller supplies, as well as four drawers for your miscellaneous crafts.

Pencil Sharpeners

Electric Pencil Sharpener – This quiet, heavy-duty pencil sharpener was designed by teachers. You get to watch the clear side fill up with pencil shavings! One sign of a productive day.

Manual Pencil Sharpener – Love the old-school pencil sharpeners that require some hand-cranking? This is the classic choice.

Electric Pencil Sharpener (for home or office) – One happy Educents shopper said:

After going through a number of less expensive sharpeners, I decided to purchase this one. It’s for my home office, but would work in a classroom or a homeschool as well. It’s very sturdy, and it doesn’t chew up my pencils when sharpening them. I think I’ll have this one for the long haul 🙂

Class Decor

Get Organized – Chevron Beautiful – Chevron patterns keep the eyes engaged, and these organization sets will also keep students engaged! This set consists of 107 pieces – included are 12 letter-sized file folders, 50 sheets of coordinating paper, and 45 self-adhesive labels.

Modern Elements Designer Classroom Set – This bundle features nine of Barker Creek’s best classroom designer sets in one. Spruce up your classroom with accents, border charts, letter pop-outs, bulletin board signs/desk tags and double-sided trim.

Just Dotty Designer Classroom Set – This designer classroom set features the same products as the modern elements set, but trades the bright colorful aesthetic for some dot-themed fun.

In The Groove Trimmer Set – Brighten up your classroom with this beautifully vibrant trim. This package comes with four sets of 35″x3″ trims including tie-dye, retro, dots, and neon stripes.

Get Organized Office Set – Happy – Organize and lift spirits at the same time with these vibrant office organization sets designed for classrooms. This set consists of 107 pieces – included are 12 letter-sized file folders, 50 sheets of coordinating paper, and 45 self-adhesive labels.

Get Organized Office Set – Gold – Gold is one of the most alluring colors around, so these office organizers are perfect for catching the eye of potentially disorganized students. This set consists of 107 pieces – included are 12 letter-sized file folders, 50 sheets of coordinating paper, and 45 self-adhesive labels.


Desktop Explorer Globe – Globes are one of the most quintessential classroom accessories around. We all have memories of spinning it in class, fantasizing about foreign lands we wished to explore. This 12-inch globe is accurate, up-to-date, and a great tool to get young minds churning.

Geosafari Talking Globe – The electronic age has brought many classroom staples into the 21st century. Inspire children to learn all about the world in which we live with this talking globe that dispenses interesting facts about Earth.

Clip Art: World Map & Continents – This set of 68 images are a great way to expose K-2 children to our planet. The pages include black and white, to traditional Montessori colors, all green and all brown options as well as two distinct line thicknesses.

Beginning Geography Workbook – This workbook is great tool to use while you explore the classroom globe.

Daily Geography Practice – Upper elementary students can use their handy notebook to learn about compasses, legends, and other items they may discover while exploring the globe.


Re-Useable Calendars

Gigantic Wall Calendar – This huge, laminated activity calendar makes your activity schedule easy for everyone to see.

Jumbo Wall Calendar – This not-as-huge, but still large wall calendar gives boxes

Kid-Friendly Calendars – These durable fabric educational PEEL, PLAY & LEARN sets can work for younger children and older children alike. Whether you are homeschooling multiple aged children or looking for something to challenge kids in the classroom, our interactive wall play sets will fit in perfectly.

Tools for Hands-On Learning

Human Body Re-Useable Decals – Learning about the human body? Make it a hands-on lesson. No, not with real bodies. Use these decals that display different parts and system of the body. Save a ton of time with pre-made labels!

Eye Lighter Guided Reading Strips – An Educents shopper left this note:

I use these for my dyslexia kids that I tutor. If you use a black marker to draw a line in the crease the kids light up at seeing things so much better!

Little Red Tool Box: Sentence Building Tiles Super Set – This one’s an Educents favorite! Here’s what one shopper had to say:

So my kindergartener is smart, but in very common boy fashion really dislikes handwriting. These magnet tiles help him work on sentence structure, sight word identification, motor skills, and his creativity without picking up a pencil.


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