Teach Your Kids to Read in 25 Days

I never imagined that preparing my first child for kindergarten would turn into a labor of love to help many more children prepare to read.

As I was preparing my first child for kindergarten, I turned to my mother. My mother was a reading teacher for over thirty years, so I naturally asked her if she had any advice for me. Instead of laying some insightful advice on the table, she stepped into her basement and pulled out several large boxes. Inside the boxes, she pulled out an ENTIRE BEGINNING READING CURRICULUM she had written on her pre-historic Macintosh computer in her early years of retirement. There were thousands of papers.

My mom and I sorted through everything for weeks, and during that time, I taught my daughter to read. It was very easy, and my first child was always eager to read and practice. She felt confident and loved reading.

At that moment, I knew my mother’s reading curriculum had to reach more people online. I retyped and formatted everything. Then I looked for the only missing piece – an illustrator.

25-Days-Kindergarten-days-to-kindergartenI have since taught two other children to read using my mother’s 25-day reading curriculum (with a few updates). My 7-year old was a struggling reader and many times I wondered if she has dyslexia. She started the program using the phonics and sight word materials.I usually suggest the sight word reading program because I believe it gives children confidence. I also suggest that you can add in word ladders/word families to help your little one with fluency in phonics/reading.

The 25-day reading program is great for struggling readers and beginning readers. The explicit, slow, repetitive instruction really gives added confidence to those who once struggled with reading. I feel the greatest joy when I receive letters from struggling readers who we have helped.

I currently am teaching my 5-year old to read. While he loves to show he can read, some days he is a little rambunctious. On these days I add in some fun materials: Seek and Find Phonics Sheets, or Alphabet Coloring Sheets.


Anyway, teaching reading is easier than you think. To get you started, I have put together 25 days of materials. There are alphabet worksheets, our Seek and Find phonics fun book, 25 days of our sight word reading program, our word ladder workbook to help reinforce phonics, and our “short a” phonics program to help emphasize phonics as well. If you complete all 25 days, your little one will be prepared and confident in kindergarten.

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How did your children learn to read? What worked? What didn’t work?

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