Teach Kindergarten through 12th Grade for under $100

Teach Kindergarten through 12th Grade

Do you think you could teach your child everything they need to learn from Kindergarten to 12th grade for under $100? Recently, one of our sellers, Complete Curriculum, offered a 98-digital textbook curriculum that covers every grade and every subject from Kindergarten to 12th grade – for just $94. The K-12 homeschool package even comes with a teacher’s manual for each textbook. We set out to find out more about how this curriculum really works and learned along the way that it is changing the way we think of digital curriculums, especially for k-12 homeschool families.

So what makes Complete Curriculum’s digital learning experience so different? It has hands-on learning opportunities, immediate and easy access to content for any grade level, and it’s affordable!

Hands-on activities at every grade level: The digital curriculum includes many interactive activities that reinforce every subject – from language arts to social studies. The science experiments are especially hands-on, and include fun activities at every grade level. Here are some examples of what kids get to do while learning with this digital curriculum!

  1. Recreate a “dinosaur dig”
  2. Create their own crystal formations
  3. Grow plants without using dirt
  4. Learn about seismic waves by using toys
  5. Create simple machines
  6. Become miners in a mining experiment
  7. Explore diffusion and osmosis through the use of eggs, water and vinegar

Immediate access to a complete K-12 homeschool curriculum: Education is not a race to learn facts, but rather a developmental process. Children all learn differently and at different paces, so having access to an entire 13-year curriculum allows an educator to adjust lessons and content to fit a child’s learning needs making this curriculum especially revolutionary. The list of what is included in this curriculum is extensive. The package includes 98 digital textbooks for a k-12 homeschool curriculum with student and teacher editions. Check out the samples at the links below!

98 Digital Textbooks for $94

All Aboard for Kindergarten Language ArtsMathScience and Social Studies

All Aboard for First Grade Language ArtsMath, Science and Social Studies

All Aboard for Second Grade Language ArtsMathScience and Social Studies

Voyages in Third Grade Language ArtsMathScience and Social Studies

Voyages in Fourth Grade Language ArtsMathScience and Social Studies

Voyages in Fifth Grade Language ArtsMathScience and Social Studies

In Flight with Sixth Grade Language ArtsMathScience and Social Studies

In Flight with Seventh Grade Language Arts, MathScience and Social Studies

In Flight with Eighth Grade Language ArtsMathScience and Social Studies 

Ninth Grade Language ArtsTenth Grade Language ArtsEleventh Grade Language ArtsTwelfth Grade Language ArtsAlgebra IAlgebra IIGeometry, Earth ScienceBiologyUnited States History and Geography, Civics, EconomicsWorld History and Geography

Affordability: Complete Curriculum’s Ultimate K-12 Homeschool Curriculum Package is available here for 39% off. It includes all 98 digital textbooks for just $94!

The educational resources and activities in this curriculum are opening educators’ eyes around the globe to the education that is possible when you have a full hands-on, affordable curriculum at your fingertips – it’s changing the way digital education works.

What parents are saying about Complete Curriculum:

“This product is great! I can see us using it for many years as we continue to homeschool our children. It includes texts for grades K-12 so I can use it with my two DD’s as they progress. What I also love, is that if they are moving quickly through the material, we can move on to the next grade without having to stop and figure out what we are going to do next. What a blessing this is for our family!” –Kimberly M., Educents Customer

“Love the package. My kids love the leveled readers. Working with three I appreciate the detail in the Teacher’s Manuals.” –Shirley S., Educents Customer

Check it out for yourself here! Happy Learning!