How to Teach Economics to Elementary Kids with Music

economics lessons for kids
If Frozen has taught us anything, it’s that music makes everything better. So, the mother-daughter duo of SOL Train Learning had the brilliant idea to combine one of the driest subjects in education – economics – and apply a tune to make economics lessons stick (or, just play the economics songs on repeat until the song sticks!).
Included in the Economics Songs & Units Bundle are three units: Community Helpers, Goods and Services and Wants and Needs. Each unit contains a lesson plan to follow, a song to complement the lesson, and a printable book about the subject.  Here’s a run-through of how SOL Train Learning’s Economic Units will help learners ages 4 to 7 understand the basic fundamentals of economics.
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Check out these super cute community helper finger puppets.

Sheets to use as a matching activity-matching the community helper to the correct setting. SOL Train kiddos used these pictures for scenery for their puppet show. Pam says they were so cute dancing their puppets to the community helper song.

Another one of Pam’s students made this to go with her puppets. So creative!!


This is just one of the no prep sheets included in this pack.


Pam’s students wrote a page for their class book about community helpers.


This is another little book that comes with this large bundle!

After Pam’s class completed the unit on goods and services, they became producers and made their own products and wrote about them. Pam says her students loved doing this! 🙂