Super Hero Math–Math Madness Wednesday


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Multiplication and Division!? My kids LOVE superheroes so when Big Hero 6 came out, we knew we had to go see it! And, when I saw their enthusiasm, I knew I had to make a new project! I decided to focus on multiplication and division because kids need extra practice with these two skills, but it can easily get tedious, boring, tiring when you are doing the same worksheets time and time again!

Enter my Super Hero pack! I made these so that the kids could practice their skills, but instantly get a reward of completing a puzzle, coloring activity, answering a riddle, etc. for their hard work. My kids loved them!  In fact, my daughter BEGGED for more (she has some ideas for some additional pages for the future). That NEVER happens, so I am guessing I was successful at my goal.


This pack includes:

  • Multiplication
    • 2 digits times 1 digit
    • 2 digits times 2 digits
    • 3 digits times 1 digit
  • Division
    • 2 digits divided by 1 digit
    • 3 digits divided by 1 digit
    • (with AND without remainders)
  • Problem Solving
    • A mix of multiplication and division on the same sheet

If you haven’t had a chance to see Big Hero 6, check out this trailer. It is pretty cool!

Baymax Origami Big Hero 6And, if your kids are already fans, check out this origami project I found on Disney Sisters. My daughter is WAY into origami right now, so this was a big hit in our house. She was rewarded for finishing her math by being able to create some of these. Her favorite part was, by far, the blowing into the folded paper to make it “blow up!”


I think my favorite part of super heroes is the powers they have. If you could have a power, what would it be? This one is on my wish list! I will take if for Christmas OR as a super power; I’m not too picky!  🙂

all I want for Christmas

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