Summer Reading 40-Book Challenge!

Track your summer reading goals!

This summer, keep students reading to avoid the “Summer Slide,” which is learning loss that can happen if students are not engaging their minds for 3 months. According to the National Summer Learning Association, an average student loses about 2 months of grade level equivalency over the summer. However, you can combat the Summer Slide by encouraging your children to read. Here are 3 engagement strategies to get your students excited about summer reading!

1) A variety of texts. Instead of reading the same types of books all summer, your child could be reading a graphic novel one week and a biography about a “cool” scientist the next week. That’s some great variety! Offering a variety of texts also gives kids choices. Children prefer to make their own decisions instead of being told what to read. Choosing their own texts makes reading more exciting!

2) A challenge. Children love being competitive and a challenge can help students to be engaged in reading and want to read more. Just like children’s favorite sports and video games, a reading challenge will give your students something to work towards. This could be a summer reading program at a local library or even a family challenge.

3) Reading together. When you are reading together as a family, it is a lot easier for children to create habits than if they are simply reading on their own. Reading together can be encouraged in several ways.  You can read a book aloud with your children. This works especially well for younger children. If you have children at similar reading levels or an only child, you could choose one book that everyone in the family reads and have discussions about that book as a family. If your children are at a variety of reading levels, you could set aside a time each day that everyone spends reading. While everyone may be reading their own material, you are still reading together!

If you’re looking for a fun way to engage your family in summer reading, check out the Summer Reading 40 Book Challenge. This product, which can be found in my Educents storefront, addresses each of these 3 ways to promote summer reading for your family. 

Square Cover Summer

Here’s the challenge: children will need to read 40 books by the end of summer. These 40 books consist of:

  • 5 Realistic Fiction Books
  • 5 Informational Texts
  • 5 Fantasy Books
  • 3 Historical Fiction Books
  • 3 Mystery Books
  • 3 Autobiographies/Biographies
  • 2 Science Fiction Books
  • 2 Graphic Novels
  • 10 Your Choice (Any Book!)

This may sound like a lofty goal, and that’s because it is! A challenge isn’t meant to be easy. However, even if your child does not quite reach the 40 books, that is okay. The important part of the challenge is to get students reading often and selecting a variety of texts. You can modify this as needed for your child’s personal needs. This can be a fun challenge to do together as a family. This is a challenge you could even try to do with your kids- imagine that!

40 Book Tracker Image

The product includes the 40 Book Challenge Tracker, Reading Log, and 40 Book Tracker Bookmarks. Each of these come in 5 vibrant colors! That means each child can have their own color!

Reading Log Image

Students can mark off their books read and days read using stickers, check marks, or whatever you desire.

Bookmark Image

Students can also use the 40 Book Challenge bookmarks as they read and they can cross out a flip flop each time they finish a book.

Poster Image

It also includes a motivational poster you can print out to remind your students they are trying to read 40 books over the summer. You can put it somewhere where they will see it regularly!

This product addresses all 3 of the engagement strategies discussed above. It requires students to read a variety of texts of their choice. It has a challenge and structure that will get students motivated to keep reading. And last, but certainly not least, it keeps your family reading and learning together!

However you decide to get your family reading this summer, keep these three engagement principles in mind. By using these suggestions, you will help your children to not only avoid the “Summer Slide,” but to learn to love reading! So between the fun summer outings, be sure to make some time for your entire family to snuggle up with some good books!

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