Avoid Summer Learning Loss With Educational Activities

Not sure what your kids will do this summer? There are only so many hours of summer camp, summer school, play dates, or traveling to fill up your child’s summer. What about activities that promote summer learning?

summer learning activities for kids

Parents: not to worry!  There is still time to equip your family with educational pursuits for kids during those less structured summer months, and stave off any slow-down in learning.

Whether it’s in areas of passion or opportunity, stock up on educational activities now so when you hear the words “I’m bored,” you’ll be cool as a cucumber.

Learn To Mod Minecraftlearntomod_1

Why not learn some basic programming skills while playing Minecraft all summer? That is exactly what Learn to Mod does!

Use the summer months to sharpen computer and critical thinking skills using your child’s favorite video game.

This Minecraft program allows for users to modify the game through computer programming. These “mods” are quite popular and help Minecraft players take the game to the next level.

One thing I love about Learn to Mod is that each lesson is very focused on a specific task to teach. This makes the lessons short, easy to understand, and easy to put into practice. This is really important for my highly distractible kiddo. Each lesson includes a short video and step by step instructions that help him stay on task. -Amy B.

Good for: Ages 6 and up

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Summer Workbooks

Summer Learning Workbooks
Photo by Carisa

Looking for a simple way to keep your kids’ academic skills on track this summer? Evan-Moor is a trusted publisher, and their workbooks are visually appealing and cover a wide variety of skills.

These summer learning workbooks include topics like handwriting, math skills, poetry, non-fiction reading, science, and more.

Read one mom’s review of the Evan-Moor workbooks.

Good for: Ages 6 through 13

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Times Tales DVD – Learn Multiplication Tables in an Hour
times tales dvd

Have you heard about Times Tales? It’s one of our most popular items, and with 70 reviews it has a five-star average rating!

Times Tales is an interactive animated DVD that teaches kids the upper times tables without memorization. Students can simply follow along with the entertaining story. As they progress, they’ll be guided into associating the stories they’ve learned with real math.

“I was so excited to receive this DVD, but I was not prepared for how wonderful it would be! Few things exceed expectations in the way this learning tool did. I purchased it as a reinforcement tool for my middle schooler and she has really benefitted from it. As an added bonus, my preschooler is also well on his way to learning his multiplication facts, too!” – Lacey F.

Good for: Ages 7 to 12

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Magic School Bus – Math & Science Explosions!Magic School Bus - Math & Science Explosions!

Summer learning doesn’t always have to mean worksheets. Turn summer lessons into a game! Magic School Bus is an all-time favorite for all ages.

This 2-in-1 board game that uses math and science concepts. The math board game is a race to make the volcano explode – first player to get all the math facts right wins!

The double sided board means the fun can last all summer.

Good for: All ages

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Zone Cleaning for Kids

zone cleaning
Photo by Celena

Okay, this resource might not help sharpen academic skills. But it will definitely improve the imminent summer MESS.

The set includes a flip chart and instructional DVD that helps kids who might be intimidated by messes break down what needs to be picked up.

I cannot imagine a better spent $20! I am not even kidding– my house looks stellar, and my kids have that feeling of accomplishment, knowing they’ve worked hard and done an amazing job. I’ve tried chore charts and reward systems, but this is by far the easiest and the most all-encompassing. -Celena J.

Good for: Ages 6 to teens

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DIY Happy Kits

Get crafty with your kids. With summer in full swing, take the time to hang out outside and paint – hand prints still count!

creativity trunk

An Educents expert’s advice: “Glue googly eyes onto the dolls and have some fun playing with the little ones!”

Or hand the kit over and wait for your kids to give you an artsy surprise on your big day.

The box includes wood models and wood peg dolls, crayons, glue, scissors and more fun stuff like stencils!

Good for: Ages 3 to 11

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My Summer Bucket List

Summer Learning Bucket List

Every parent and teacher needs a collection of quick and simple projects for the kids, especially as school is ending and summer is beginning. This FREE printable My Summer Bucket List project will help kids focus that excitement and come up with some great activities to make their summer the best ever.

“This project is great. I started it with my youngest group at 1st to add something to our poetry garden. However, all grade levels were soon asking for it. So all my intervention groups wrote about their bucket lists!!” -Patsy, Parent & Teacher

Good for: All ages

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Just Add Milk Science Kit
summer art activity

Looking for a science experiment for a summer afternoon?

This kit is filled with fun science and art projects you can do along with some household ingredients, and it’s just the size of a milk carton!

If your child is lactose-intolerant, don’t worry, the experiments work with non-dairy milk as well!

See an example of a milk science experiment in this video by My Little Smarty Pants.

Good for: Ages 5 to 9

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Travel Buddy for Pretend Play

What if your little one could have a buddy to travel with this summer? What fun! What peace of mind knowing that this little companion can so easily transport – to summer school, the doctor’s office, grandma’s house. With the travel buddy, transitions will be a little easier…Play times a little less lonely… and night times a little less scary.

This open-ended pocket toy travels easily and lends itself to a myriad of imaginative play, time and time again in a whimsical little world. Inside each little house you will find a friend and some things to make a house a home.

“My grandkids love these and I am even thinking of buying another set for my daughter-in-law so that she can have one at her house too. Great for on-the-go, and car rides!” -Sarah H., grandmother

Good for: Ages 3 to 8

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STEM Experiment Subscription

Groovy Lab in a Box is full of everything a child needs to learn about and do hands-on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) experiments.

Extended learning is available through the online portal every subscriber gets access to. “Beyond… in a Box” has videos and more interactive activities to supplement what kids are learning from the box projects, which also helps the STEMist even more when completing the design challenge.

Here’s one parent’s review of the STEM Experiment Subscription.

Inside the box, there is a complete Engineering Design Challenge and everything you need to do it. Not, ‘some common household materials required’ like many kits you can buy. Everything is here to encourage your child to investigate, brainstorm, plan, build, test and redesign their own creations. -Patti, Homeschooler

Good for: Ages 7 to 12 

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Junior Explorers Nature Subscriptionamazon_1

Travel the world the summer with the arrival of the explorer nature kit. Each month, kids are sent to a new ecosystem, like the Arctic of the Serengeti, to solve a mystery in nature.

The kits are loaded with information about the habitat they are visiting and the wildlife that lives there. They also contain fun collectibles such as pins, stickers, trading cards, temporary tattoos, and activities to get kids ready for their adventure.

Want to watch the Junior Explorer Program in action? Watch this video.

My boys (7 and 4) are really enjoying these. Love the stickers that they decorate their case with each month and the satisfaction of being able to contribute once they have completed their mission! They learn about the animals and ecosystems is a very entertaining way. -Beth S.

Good for: Ages 6 to 12

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uKloo Early Readerukloo-box

Disguise learning with this family-friendly game! uKloo is a fun teaching game that providing help for kids who are looking to strengthen their reading skills. The best part about it, is it get kids physically engaged and active.

What child doesn’t love a treasure hunt? This is an ingenious game that my students really love. They look forward to finding the cards. I use this game as a reward because it is that much fun. I would highly recommend this . It is easy to follow and a lot of fun.” – Carol C.

Good for: Ages 5 to 8

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scavenger hunt

Beach Scavenger Hunt

There is something enchanting about taking notice of things – the big and the small – life’s little details. Take a walk on the beach and discuss, investigate, or play! Use this scavenger hunt to discover new sights, sounds, and to collect little treasures from your journeys. Enjoy the journey as a single, a duo, or group – taking in sights and sounds and searching for the magic of everyday things – “hidden” in plain sight.

Good for: Ages 4 to 9

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Avoid Summer Learning Loss with these Educational Activities