Students becoming Scientists!

Becca, from Foxwell Forest, shares how she gets her students excited about science! What a great idea!!
“When I was student teaching I discovered something that I never knew: I L.O.V.E. teaching science! Funny story-I discovered this while creating a plant unit for student teaching and I have the farthest thing from a green thumb out there. Seriously, I think a plant dies just when I look at it! Ha! Good thing that even dead plants work as great scientist projects! 😉
Now, whenever I tell my students that we are going to be scientists (a.k.a. have science) my kids let out a cheer that rivals the cheer that they give when I tell them we have gym! ha! Okay, so maybe the gym cheer is a *little* louder, but it’s pretty darn close! 😉
Here is part of the reason that my kids beg for science:
They actually BECOME scientists and get to wear Scientist Lab coats anytime that we do science!


Since science involves lots of hands-on experiments (which I LOVE) and often incorporates supplies and instructions that need to be handled and followed carefully, I came up with the idea to turn old, white T-shirts into scientist lab coats! During science,0001sP I address students as “Scientist {insert last name}.” All scientists must listen to the head scientist {a.k.a. me} or they will loose their scientist lab coat and the privileges that come with it. Trust me-I’ve only ever had to take away one lab coat and then there are no problems! At the beginning of the year, I ask parents to send in a clean, white t-shirt and then after learning about being scientists, I have the kids make their own lab coats.
Here’s how you can have your class become scientists!


I promise that not only is this very easy to do, but it is also very effective!






I have the students keep their lab coats in their reading book bags on their chair, so that they can easily get and wear the scientist lab coats for science!”


For a FREE SWEET SCIENCE experiment, visit Foxwell Forest. It uses Valentine’s Candy but can be used throughout the year!
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What ways do you like to motivate and engage your kids during science? We’d love to hear your ideas!