Struggling Readers Actually Want to Read These Books

One mom discovers a series of books that her young reader is eager to pick up on his own!

My son LOVES to read. He started reading when he was 2 years old and now, at 4 years old, he reads at a 1st grade level. Finding books that are both age appropriate with level appropriate content has been really difficultBooks for Beginning Readers. There is a big difference between a 4 year old and 7 year old. The Life of Fred Beginning Reader books are a perfect mix.

This series of books is perfect for advanced readers like my son, and for struggling readers because it’s a series. Meaning, that the story just continues on and on to the next book.

It’s very likely that your child will WANT to read the next book because they are so silly and fun.

We are big Life of Fred Fans in this house. My son reads the elementary math books with my help. I typically read most of what’s on the page, then have him “help” me with a paragraph. However, the Beginning Reader Series is different in that my son can read them completely independently. He also loves the fact that they are Life Of Fred and that is just icing on the cake for him!

About the Fred Books

If you’re not familiar with the Life Of Fred, here’s the scoop – Fred is a little boy, and he has a doll named Kingie (KING-GEE). They go on all sorts of adventures together throughout the books.lof-readers

In the beginner reader series, Fred and Kingie travel to a lake where they find all kinds of silly fun on the journey there. In the second book in the series, they decide they cannot walk to the lake because it’s 200 miles away and that is much too far a walk. They then decide to take a bus. They ask for two tickets and the driver tells them that it will cost $8. But… OH NO! Fred forgot to pack money! I don’t want to spoil anything for you, so I’ll stop there. I will tell you, though, they do make it to the lake!

Independent Reading Exercise

These stories are funny and compelling to read. As a parent, start a discussion with your reader about the plot.

For example, a great way to help coax a struggling reader is to read the first book then say, “I wonder what happens next? I can’t read the next one because… (I need to do dishes or something) but can you read it to me?” Or, ask your child to read the book on their own and tell you what happens. In fact, my only complaint with these books are that they go almost too quickly. My son read the first set of books in a single day. Three in the afternoon and the next three before bed. Looks like I’ll need to order set #2 soon.

Inside the Books

Books for Beginning Readers

Each book is filled with simple, yet colorful images while large text makes it perfect for a beginner reader. The images relate to the text and are not at all distracting. My son can easily get distracted by busy images and forget what he’s reading because he’s trying to figure out what’s going on in the picture or trying to make up his own story. So, having simple images really helps him stay engaged on the story.

The Fred books weave in concepts for kids to learn while reading:

  • Colors
  • Telling time
  • How to read a map
  • Counting to 30
  • About wildlife
  • Different types of font
  • Shapes
  • Cooking (Recipes included!)

And this is all presented in a silly way that makes kids laugh.

So, whether you have a young reader and are looking for age appropriate books, or perhaps a struggling reader and are looking for books to help build reading skills – these books are perfect. They can help any child build confidence as they are short, easy to read, incredibly engaging, and encourage readers to turn the page and keep the story going.

Click here to learn more about the Life of Fred Beginning Readers.

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Struggling Readers Actually Want to Read These Books