Spending Time With Your Young Learners This Mother’s Day

Parents and kids today are busier than ever, and sometimes it can be tough to find time to spend together.

So when special days like Mother’s Day (or Father’s Day, or Grandparents’ Day) come around, it’s important to make the best of them and celebrate – and what better gift than the gift of time?

For parents who think time is simply flying by and want to slow down and spend quality time with their young learners, Outschool has come up with the perfect solution! Whether it’s time spent outdoors or, in our increasingly digital world – online, Outschool can help ensure that your time with your kids is well spent.


Outschool believes in the power of interactive learning where learners can interact with one another and their educator – whether online or in-person!

Their “field trips” and online classes make great gifts for both mom and dad! Read on to find out more:


Sharpen Up Your Mountain Man Skills with a Former Park Ranger


What better way to spend some time together – and away from the hustle and bustle of daily life – than to experience nature in all its glory?

Ranger Bruce, dressed in mid-1800s explorer garb, will help students (adult and young alike) learn all about life and survival in early California. A time when conditions were harsh – so students will get to truly appreciate the skills needed to survive away from civilization!

In the words of Ranger Bruce: “See ya soon, partners.”


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California Archaeology/History Tour : Olompali State Parkolompali

Olompali State Historic Park, in Marin County (Northern California) is spread over 700 acres of lush green land.

The land was inhabited by the Coast Miwok people (who also originated the name Olompali), and was used as a way station along the El Camino Nacional.

Students – both old and young will have the chance to explore this scenic park with a State Parks docent or volunteer and learn about the significance of the park to California’s Rancho history!


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Intro To Coding With Scratch, Onlinescratchcoding

Programming has become a necessary skill in almost all job profiles today – what’s more? It’s actually fun to learn the logic that drives code!

Spend time with your young learners as you guide them through this MIT-originated project that helps kids (ages 8 – 16) learn how to develop animations, interactive stories, and games through drag-and-drop code blocks!

The program is on demand so get it to it when you have some time to spend with your young student!


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Where Science and Art Intersect: Watercolors & Saltscience&art

Have you always wanted to indulge in some artistic pursuits with your young learners? Or do you love spending time together getting creative?

This class is the perfect place to unleash your inner Van Gogh! You will create watercolor paintings while learning how water interacts with other substances and how colors work.

You’ll get a good understanding of color theory and will learn to appreciate different art media!


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How To Play In A Chess Tournament 31380_main

A partnership between Outschool and Bay Area Chess is good news for all!

Always wanted to learn how chess tournaments work? Already know how but want to help other newbies? This is your chance!

You’ll learn the rules and etiquette of standard United States Chess Federation (USCF) rated tournaments in an educational, fun and non-competitive atmosphere. The class will take place in a fun learning environment that lets coaches give extra support to students participating in their first organized event.

This is your chance to get an inside look at how chess tournaments really work!


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Instant Blues: Intro to Blues Harmonicaharmonica

Parents: Are you blues enthusiasts? Want to help your young learners develop an ear for the music?

This class is a great choice! You’ll learn the basic breathing techniques, how to play single notes, how to bend notes, and how to jam the blues!

You’ll also learn some history of the blues and of blues harmonica; as well as blues music theory. Once the class is done, you will even get guidance on additional resources in your musical journey.

No previous musical experience required! Just bring a harmonica in “C”.


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How do you spend time together? Got tips and tricks on getting the most out of your time with your family? Share with us in a comment below!

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