A Fascinating Gift for Kids Who Love Science

Unearthing complex fossils and studying their structures. Witnessing volcanic explosions and figuring out what causes them. Watching a tornado form and seeing just how powerful wind can be. These are all once-in-a-lifetime experiences that would be wonders for anyone to see, but what if you could bring all of these experiences and more to your child in your own home?

The perfect bundle for the science-oriented mind

The Young Scientists Club aims to provide easy to understand experiments for parents who are looking to get their kids excited about science. Just in time for the holidays, they are offering the Super Science Holiday Bundle – a collection of some of their best kits to date. These experiments are sure to

What the Super Science Holiday Bundle includes


  • The Magic School Bus- Grow Crazy Crystals NEW 2015 (crystal growing materials and observation chart)
  • Adventure Science Water Splash (booklet of experiments with water-themed supplies)
  • Adventure Science Volcano Madness (booklet of experiments with volcano-themed supplies)
  • Animal Tracks Game (eight animal footprint molds and 80 animal game cards)
  • Fossil Dig ( a fossilized shark tooth, brachiopod shell, gastropod shell, and “squid” shell)
  • The Young Scientist Club Kit 27 – Tornadoes, Clouds, and Water Cycle
  • The Young Scientist Club Kit 5 – Solids, Liquids, and Gases
  • A pair of bright colored goggles and a JUMBO size stocking
  • 2 printable Holiday Science Experiments

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The included experiments vary in time commitment and difficulty, but each of them will captivate young minds. Experiments range in length and can be completed in an afternoon, or be monitored over the course of several days.

Children will learn everything from creating crystal art, constructing submarines, creating volcanic eruptions and much more. All these kits come with a festive jumbo stocking, so it could be the perfect holiday gift to get your kids excited and ready for some serious science in the new year.


What parents are saying about the science kits

“This was a great way to get young children excited about science” – Kira T.  via Emily Review (Grow Crazy Crystals Science Kit) 

“I really like that the kit contains common scientific tools, such as petri dishes, a magnifying glass, and a pipette, to help get kids comfortable using these tools so they won’t seem new once they move on to more complex science experiments when they get older.” – Jamie D. via Our Kids (Grow Crazy Crystals Science Kit)