Dr. Bonyfide’s Science Books Use X-Ray Glasses

The human body is one of the most complicated subjects that a person can study. There are so many moving parts working together beautifully to perform even the most simple of tasks. Studying the human body is a great learning opportunity  that often captivates children, and there’s no better way to get a child started than with the Dr. Bonyfide science books!

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What is Dr. Bonyfide?

Dr. Bonyfide’s science books take an in-depth look at the human body. The series follows Dr. Bonyfide and his friend Pinky Le Darpals on a whimsical, step-by-step journey through the bones of the human body.


What’s inside the books?

The activity books each feature 123 pages of activities, puzzles, jokes and more about the human body. The package also includes a pair of awesome x-ray glasses that will help children decode the mysteries embedded inside.

  • In Book #1, readers learn about the bones inside the hand, arm, and shoulder.
  • In Book #2, readers learn about the foot, leg, and pelvis.
  • Book #3 presents the bones in the ribcage and spine.

The books were developed by a team of educators, health professionals, and parents to bridge the gap between simplistic introductions to the body and dry textbooks.

What are moms saying about the books?

Makes learning fun. Love the rhymes and riddles. I want to read this book for myself even though I bought it for the kids! -Amanda A., Homeschooler

This book is a great approach to learning what can be a very difficult and dry subject. It actually presents human physiology in a fun and engaging way. My daughter is learning a lot. For that matter, so am I! -Julie E., Mom

This book is a great approach to learning what can be a very difficult and dry vocabulary. It presents human physiology in an extremely fun way which can be accessed by students of all ages. Adults will enjoy it as much as younger students. My neighbor, who is an x-ray technician felt this would be a great addition to every radiology center. I see incredible potential for school systems, health programs as well as medical offices. This will inspire a generation of children to help them know themselves and be better consumers of health information. – Samantha F., Teacher

See the X-Ray Glasses in Action







Dr. Bonyfide is a great resource for children who want a good jumping off point into studying the body. The two books cover tons of information in a fun and fresh way that will be sure to keep kids engaged. Pick up a copy for any young scientist in your life, and they’ll have trouble putting it down.

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