How One DVD Set Helped My 6-Year-Old Master Arithmetic, Time, and Money

Homeschool mama Emily uses videos to teach math concepts on the road with her 3 and 6-year-olds.

On homeschool days, our girls are usually laughing and having fun while exploring their favorite subjects. Math has unfortunately been a struggle, though. My girls are struggling with road school math lessons about money, telling time, addition and subtraction. As a mom who is constantly traveling with no teaching background, I am so thankful to have found Rock N Learn! Their Early Math DVD Collection helped open our girls up to the wonderful world of numbers while continuing to laugh and have fun.

  • Addition & Subtraction RAP
  • Money & Making Change
  • Telling Time

Math on the road

Addition & Subtraction RAP

The Addition & Subtraction Rap DVD helps build a solid foundation for recognizing numbers and counting.

This DVD focused on two main concepts including:

  • Adding numbers through 10, and then through 18
  • Subtracting numbers through 10, and then through 18

I loved that instead of stopping at 10, the videos teach addition and subtraction through 18. The songs and dance moves are broken down into over 15 individual learning segments all tied back together with the “All Together Now” section. While the songs moved a bit quick for our 3-year-old and 6-year-old, it still engaged them giggling and trying to sing along. 

My kids were laughing over math!


Money & Making Change

Our 3-year-old loves to learn about money, but she struggles with the concept that each type coin is worth a different amount. These videos lay out the coin value in a way that she could finally understand. 

The three main concepts featured in Money & Making Change are:

  • Counting pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and bills
  • The three ways to write money
  • Making purchases and counting change

Our 6-year-old has been struggling with how to count money, even while knowing how to count and the different values of each type of coin or bill.

Penny and Bill, the two characters of the movie, need to fix a speaker and have to count the money from their piggy bank to get it done. The video’s real-world example of using money made tricky coin value concepts finally click for her.

Rock N Learn 1

To assure she retains the coin value concepts, we pulled out our cash register, a pile of her favorite books, and some play money so she could shop at our pretend bookstore. It was so much fun! A great idea for teachers would be to set up a mini grocery store. Some students can be the cashiers while others act as the stockers assigning prices and the rest would be shoppers. Setting a timer to alert them to switch would make the race to checkout entertaining for sure!


Telling Time

The Telling Time DVD was by far our favorite in this series.

Before we watched this DVD, both my 3-year-old and the 6-year-old were having a hard time with understanding analog clocks, digital clocks, and the idea of time in general. They knew the difference between day and night, but A.M. and P.M. was a completely foreign concept.

Telling Time focuses on four main ideas including:

  • The parts of an analog clock
  • Reading both analog and digital clocks
  • Counting time by the hour, half hour, quarter hour, in 5-minute intervals, and by the minute
  • The days of the week, months of the year, and how calendars work

With the help of our geared clock that comes in the Shiller Math Kits, we were able to follow along and talk about the different parts of an analog clock and how to count time. This helped a lot when it came time to do our 6-year-old’s workbook. She had the video for reference, the songs to help memorize, and the hands-on aide of the clock. Finally, telling time success! The 3-year-old is proud to be reading digital clocks now, and it makes explaining our days a lot easier. They both helped me set up our new schedule and we posted it where it is easy to see. Now they can watch the time and know if we are close to lunch, daddy coming home, or bedtime while feeling more in control of their days!

We also recently downloaded the Princesses Tell Time Mega Pack, which is full of number fun, clock explanations, and different exciting activities for littles. Paired with Rock N Learn’s Telling Time, we know we can expect great things from our 3-year-old’s time telling abilities!


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