Rock N Learn Review: An Amazing Way to Increase Math Memory Retention

One mom teaches difficult math concepts with music to help her boys retain multiplication lessons.

My oldest son, now in 3rd grade, started learning multiplication toward the end of last year and had done well with it. But we had a very busy summer which included a big move, lots of little league baseball, and a broken leg for mom. So, we weren’t very productive this summer and as we started back with this school year I found that we had a lot of catching up to do!

That’s when I discovered Rock ‘n Learn Math.


If you’re not familiar with the Rock ‘N Learn programs, they are award winning programs that teach a host of skills while entertaining children with music, humor, and fun characters. They were developed by a school psychologist and other educators, and have helped millions of kids learn important skills. They offer DVDs in subjects such as Sight Words, Phonics, Math, Spanish, Science, and more. I really want the Science DVD Collection and the Presidents & State Capitals DVD Collection next.

Songs are an amazing way to increase memory — how many times have you gotten a song stuck in your head?

There are songs I learned as a grade-schooler that I can still recite word for word.

Songs are a powerful way to increase memory. We use songs with reading, with Bible memory verses and much more…why not use them for math too?

rock-n-learn-math-2We got the Multiplication DVD Collection which includes:

  • Multiplication Rap DVD
  • Division Rap DVD
  • Fractions & Decimals DVD

This DVD set is perfect for teaching, reviewing, or supplementing these skills for your children.

Add Pizzazz to Math

I have to confess, I’m one of those nerdy people who really loves math. When I was in high school, I would do the cross sums in the Dell puzzle books for fun. However, it seems I’m the exception. For most people, math can be a bit dry and some might even say… boring. (I know — perish the thought!). Anyway, if your child is one of those who finds math a bit less than exciting, these videos will add just the pizzazz they need to learn and even enjoy it.

The cartoon characters and rap songs make it fun, and plenty of repetition helps them remember the facts they are learning.

What will your child learn through these videos?

This DVD set contains 3 separate videos which teach:

The multiplication video is approx. 45 minutes long and provides a clear explanation to exactly what multiplication is. It teaches times tables through 12, and skip counting.

The division video is approx. 55 minutes long and it provides a clear explanation to children about what division is. It teaches strategies for division, including how to check work with multiplication, an introduction to long division, remainders, and dividends through 9

The beginning fractions and decimals video is approximately 35 minutes long and explains both fractions and decimals. It teaches the parts of a fraction, proper and improper fractions, decimals, converting fractions to decimals, mixed numerals, and adding/subtracting with common denominators.

Click here to learn more about the musical math DVDs. 

Great for on-the-go learning

These videos are very portable, and therefore very versatile. We travel a lot and love to use educational DVD’s like this Rock ‘n Learn multiplication set while on-the-go. It’s a great way to redeem that traveling time.

Independent Learning

As a parent, there are certainly times when I appreciate being able to hand things over to a trusted resource, and these videos are such a trusted resource.

We love to watch fun learning videos on Fridays to add a little fun time to the week. My kids always look forward to this time, and sometimes we even add in some popcorn or similar treats.

I love that they look forward to these videos and enjoy them. I also love that even though these DVD’s are fun for my children, they are also learning and practicing important skills in the process.

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