Review: Tegu Wooden Blocks

Mom Michele reviews Tegu’s Magnetic Wooden Blocks and Magnetic Speed Wheels

My children and I are in love with Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks! We have the 26 piece Discovery Set and the separate set of 4 Magnetic Wooden Wheels. Tegu Blocks provide endless opportunities to make imaginative creations. These beautifully crafted wooden blocks have magnets built into them, which makes this product extraordinary!tegu4

The Magnets

The magnetic feature enhances the possibilities for creations. The magnets possess the perfect amount of magnetic attraction to stick together and maintain the formation of the structure, while still allowing little fingers to easily pull the blocks apart. The magnets are a bonus because kids can build structures with the blocks. They are less likely to be frustrated by the blocks falling over, like ordinary wooden blocks. Tegu blocks are also a great tool to teach about magnetism, attraction, and repelling of the poles. While playing, my kids noticed how sometimes the blocks stuck together, while other times they pushed each other away. That was a perfect teachable moment, and I introduced the basics of magnetism.

Ideal Users

Tegu says it is made for ages 1 to 99. All of my children, ranging from ages one to seven years tegu5old, were able to enjoy the Tegu magnetic wooden blocks. My husband and I could not resist playing with the blocks as well. The pieces were large enough that my toddler could use them safely and durable enough for continuous play for children and adults alike. The rounded corners and edges also make these blocks user-friendly for little hands. Tegu blocks come in several beautiful color themes such as the natural wooden appearance, Tints (which has a bright, pastel look), and Jungle (with browns and greens). This toy is gender-neutral, which makes it a universal toy for boys and girls of all ages.

Simplicity With Endless Possibilities

The blocks are ready to use the moment you open the box. They do not require batteries or assembly. My children excitedly opened the box and play for hours at a time! It is so neat to see how many different things they built with the Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks. We love how it fosters imagination, creativity, fine motor skills, engineering, and problem solving. It can betegu8 enjoyed independently and cooperatively as well. It is the perfect toy to have whether you have one child or many.

As mentioned, we have the additional set of 4 magnetic wheels to pair with our Discovery set. The wheels are compatible with all of the Magnetic Wooden blocks, allowing the children to create vehicles or other structures with wheels. The wheels do spin as well, so we were able to maneuver the car and bus that my kids made. The attract quite easily to the blocks, and stay on as you roll them around. Some of the creations my children built include: vehicles, a robot, a caterpillar, a school, furniture, and a bird. These are just a few of the many types of creations that can be made. With the use of imagination, so much is possible!Tegu blocks

Portability and Versatility

Tegu blocks are portable and versatile. Kids can play with them at home, in schools, play centers. It’s easy to take them on-the-go. Because they are magnetic, you can easily stick them together and neatly pack them back in the box for safe-keeping. These blocks are perfect to have around as independent playtime, as a learning center, or also for direct instruction as well if you need to teach lessons on concepts such as shapes, magnets, colors, art or architecture.

Committed to the Care of Our Environment

Another reason I love Tegu is the company’s environmentally-friendly values. They have a sustainable forestry initiative committed to harvest wood responsibly for their products. They have a careful tree harvesting process. Tegu plants more than 100 new trees for every tree they use for their products. It is wonderful to know that a company is passionate to provide a quality educational product while being mindful of Earth’s resources. I pointed this out to my kids to make an important point about Earth’s resources.

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