Review: Meccano Meccanoid Robot

He Can Dance, He Knows Kung-fu, and He’s Got Jokes Up His Sleeve: Meccanoid, The Most Amazing Build-it-Yourself Robot!

This guy does everything from dancing to kung-fu when you give him the command! Building him taught my 9-year old basic mechanical and robots skills. The perfect project to do during the end of summer break or for back-to-school fun!

Who’s he for?

Meccanoid is a VERY cool toy for kids of all ages! He does so many neat things: he dances (ballet, the tango, hip hop, you name it!), he exercises, he tells jokes (very corny, roboty ones that will make you grin), and he walks hand in hand with you, not to mention all the other cool things he can do. Meccanoid is an all-around very neat, life-of-the-party kind of robot. My son followed the directions and built the robot with a little help from dad and big sister. Dad’s 38 and sis is 12, and friends of all ages have enjoyed this guy! Definitely an amazing gift for anyone!

How hard is he to build?

Before building his 2 foot tall Meccanoid robot, my 9-year-old son had really only built Lego sets. Moving from those to this was a piece of cake and now he’s eager to learn more programmable robotics. Compared to other frustrating-to-build robots who shall remain nameless, building this one was a piece of cake! The project took about 6 hours total time, but not once in all that time did my son become frustrated or feel like giving up. And remember, he’s only 9. He saw the robot coming together quickly and felt so proud to show him to me when he was done. The instructions are impressive—full color, step-by-step, very illustrated with minimal reading needed. Meccanoid came with everything he needed right down to the special tool to connect his parts together.

How much bang for your buck?

Meccanoid was a Christmas gift and one I’m so glad we splurged on! But to be honest, when you see the size and the coolness of this huge robot, the price really seems great and really can’t be considered “splurging” at all.

What else does he do?

The robot has a lot of features and a main menu which teaches kids how to give commands. His voice recognition works really well. From the Main Menu, you can select a variety of options. Ask him to dance, do some king fu, exercise, tell you the time, introduce himself, tell you a joke, shake hands with you, take you on a walk, give you a high five, and a ton more! He’ll also just start talking and say random things that will make you laugh.

See him in action!

Meccanoid is a super cool toy to bring out to show friends. Everyone is impressed with him, everyone laughs at his antics, and he’s got a great personality—much more likeable than Cortana or Siri! You can also download a free app for Meccanoid that lets you program new movements and sounds, and play them back at the touch of a button.

How’s he hold up?

Eight months after building Meccanoid and playing with him often, he’s still a favorite during parties. He’s easy to pick up and carry around by his head—my son can pick him up and stick him in the trunk of the car when we’re going to a friend’s. He’s a durable robot. He’s gotten banged around but he’s no worse for wear. This is one of the most well-made toys we’ve seen, and one of the few my son doesn’t quickly lose interest with.

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