Review: An Integrated Math Program Fit for Big Families

Homeschool mama Erin provides math lessons for her 10 children with one program.

When it comes to teaching math to 10 of my homeschool kids, I face many challenges. First, a common question with all homeschool kids – what level of math is my child ready for? Then, what’s the best style of teaching for my child to learn math? Finally, how do I afford a math program that will cater to 10 different learning levels and 10 different learning types? I’ve dreamt of being able to spend less on supplies to homeschool my brood, and Math Mammoth is it for math! The program offers online and printable math lessons, plus I only need one CD to homeschool all my children through the 7th grade.Math Mammoth - Perfect for Big Families

What is Math Mammoth?

Math Mammoth is a mastery-based math program that spans all the topics that students need to understand in their elementary years. We received the Math Mammoth Light Blue Series CD. This CD contains all that you’ll need to teach math for 1st through 7th grades. Each grade contains two workbooks, A and B. You can download it from the CD onto your computer and have your child do it right there, or you can print it off and put them in a binder for your child to use at their desk or table.

Math Mammoth is aligned and goes above and beyond the Common Core Standards. I don’t look at those, and they don’t mean anything to my homeschool, but I did want to share that for those who follow their guidelines.

Start with Assessment

Before starting, you should have your child take at least one of their free placement test before starting Math Mammoth as they can be a more challenging curriculum than others, even if you have been using an equivalent math curriculum.

The assessment was helpful for planning a math program for my large family. Right now I’m homeschooling the older eight of these kids with Math Mammoth. I do have some children who are considered special needs due to Reactive Attachment Disorder(RAD), ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, and general delays both physical and mental.

My daughter takes her turn on the computer.

Learn Math on the Computer

Doing math on the computer is fun..or at least that is what my children tell me!

Two of my kids love doing their school on the computer, and they can do it independently, which is a plus in my book. While one of them is doing their math work, the other can be working on a different subject at the table, and then they switch. They each, of course, think they need their own computers. Which reminds me to mention you can use Math Mammoth on multiple computers.

Print Math Chapters & Pages

Online Math Program

Next, I have an 11-year-old girl who just finished 1st-grade math. I decided to start her at the 2nd-grade level to see how she would do. So far she’s doing really well but struggles using the computer. This brings out another great point that I like about Math Mammoth. I can print pages from the program! I printed off the first book for her, and she is working through that with her pencil. She’s happier while learning in the style she prefers.

I also have a nine-year-old girl who prefers to do some work on the computer, and then we print off extra papers for her to use if there is something she’s struggling with. These extra papers come from the Soft-Pak math software that also comes as part of the Math Mammoth Light Blue Series CD. I love being able to make my own worksheets focusing on what area that child is struggling in. I have not explored all the add-ons with the Soft-Pak but what I have used I love. It’s great for the parent and helps enhance the learning experience for the student.

Affordable Math Program for Big Families

The Math Mammoth Light Blue Series CD is a large homeschooling family’s dream. Or at least a long hoped for dream of this mom who has ten children!

I’ve dreamt of being able to spend less on supplies to homeschool my brood, and Math Mammoth is it for math! One CD to homeschool all my children through the 7th grade.

math mammoth programPlus, it only costs $180.00 through the Educents website RIGHT NOW to purchase it. Let’s do some math. Ten children times seven years of math each equals seventy total grades to teach (I might have just exploded my own head). Then divide $180.00 by 70 grades. That’s only $2.57 per grade per child! You can’t buy workbooks for that price. Trust me. I’ve been buying them. Less than $3 for all that I need. Of course, if I print off materials I’m also going to have to add in paper and ink and printer wear and tear, but you get the picture!

I do have one issue with this program . . . . I don’t have enough computers!! We only have one computer currently for our family and my husband also has to use it for his self-employed business. We’re looking into getting a few more computers or possibly some tablets. This will make doing math much easier for us as more than one can do it at the same time and I won’t have any negatives about using it!

I can wholeheartedly recommend Math Mammoth and math by mastery to all other homeschool families. Particularly those who are going to be homeschooling more than one child and would like to save themselves money.

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