Review: LEGO Crazy Action Contraptions

The Perfect Summer Boredom Buster for Every LEGO Maniac!

LEGO Crazy Action Contraptions is a book you’ve got to see! So much more than just a book, this how-to guide is filled with contraptions that spin, stretch, speed, and spring into action. With projects like the LEGO Launcher, Supercharged Speedster, Squeezeclaw Grabber, and Battle Top Spinner, each and every one of them is as cool as its name sounds. Best of all, each of the sixteen projects actually does something. There’s an Art-A-Maton that holds a pen and writes, a Beaker Blender 3000 for stirring Dad’s coffee, and a Wall Rocket Racer that bounces off walls. Best of all, each one is totally buildable thanks to step-by-step instructions and a custom selection of LEGO bricks that come with the book. I can’t think of a better (or more affordable) way to bust summer boredom on the days it’s too hot to play outside!

Who’s it for?

LEGO Crazy Action Contraptions is perfect for anyone from 6 to 16! Boys, girls, you name it, they’re all bound to love it if they have any affinity at all for LEGOs. I couldn’t wait to test it out on my 9-year-old son who loves nothing more than spending hours building cool creations. The day he came downstairs and saw his surprise, I’m pretty sure I got the award for Best Mom. An expert on all things brick, he (and mom) give this book two thumbs up!

The best thing…

My son thought it was so cool that LEGO Crazy Action Contraptions not only has so many cool projects , but that every single brick, gear, and axle he needs to build them actually comes with the book! Have you ever purchased an awesome LEGO book with cool projects inside that excited and inspired your kids, only to find out that the pieces needed to build them were so rare they’d never be able to create most of them, if any? In times past, that’s happened to us. It’s so disappointing! Not to mention a total waste of money. Klutz gets mega, monstrous bonus points for actually including all of the pieces you need with their book!

How much bang for your buck?

The price is small when you consider how many hours of entertainment and creative energy come with this book… and when you consider how much it costs just to buy one LEGO set at the store. For my son, the hours using Crazy Action Contraptions have proven so far to be endless! He’s built nearly every one of these crazy contraptions. His favorites are the Annoy-O-Matic (a noise maker especially created to annoy sisters with), the Tennessee Time-Killer (an “escapement device” contraption that interrupts continuous motion), and the Zipliner (a cool creation that kids can stretch across their room to provide their LEGO mini-figures with the awesomest zipline experience ever).

What’s in the book?

Crazy Action Contraptions is filled with step-by-step instructions that are easy enough for a child as young as six to follow without help, but the theme is cool enough that kids as old as sixteen (maybe older) will want to grab up the book, pour out the LEGOS, and start building. Every page is beautifully illustrated with full-color spreads and photos. The directions are just like what you’d find in any Lego instruction booklet with added oomph. Each project only takes around 10 minutes to build.

How’s it hold up?

With a book like this that’s going to see a lot of use, it’s important to me that it’s durable. My son has been using Crazy Action Contraptions almost every day for the last month and it’s help up incredibly well. Still looking like new, the thick pages are all still attached to the wire binding. The case for the LEGO pieces is still holding up perfectly and my son has been diligent about keeping them with the book. We’ll be taking a road trip soon and Crazy Action Contraptions is definitely one of the few very important toys we’ll be bringing along!

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