Reasons Why I’m Not Jumping on the Anti-Homework Bandwagon

Despite the recent anti-homework movement, this mother of two explains why she still thinks homework assignments are actually a good thing.

I am often overwhelmed by the ever-present, social media fueled, anti-homework trend. Needless to say, I am not a member of this bandwagon, but I have my reasons.


Building Confidence

A bit of schoolwork done at “home” can be a positive confidence builder for children.

In fact, homework doesn’t bother me as long as it is appropriate. It’s true that no child should spend more time on their homework than they do on their creative play work. (You know, what I am talking about.) 

Homework is a tool that reinforces concepts my children have already mastered in school. No child should struggle at home, alone, learning concepts that are brand new!

Staying in the Know

Realistically though, homework is a perfect opportunity for me to stick my nose into what my children are learning in school. Don’t judge me, it’s true! I like to make sure my girls understand the concepts they are taught. I can do this by paying attention to the assignments sent home with them.

Conversation Icebreakers

Homework is a wonderful gateway conversation starter with my kids. It’s my sneaky little way of finding out what goes on in their day. I fully agree with one Duke professor’s belief that ‘ . . . a small amount of homework is useful for all students.’ Including, but not limited to, my own adorable girls.

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paige drummPaige is the mother of three creative Little Women and enjoys spending time eating chocolate, watching movies, reading for pleasure, creating educational products, and maintaining her blogPaige has a passion for helping students develop a love of reading. She has been a faculty member at Amelia Earhart Elementary for over seven years. She is a CITES Associates member of the BYU-Public School Partnership and a member of Provo School District’s Literacy Committee. She is an award-winning educator who enjoys mentoring interns and student teachers. You can follow her on Facebook and Pinterest.