Are You Ready For Earth Day?

Earth day is celebrated every year on April 22. It’s the day of the year people celebrate all the wonderful things we all get from our beautiful blue planet.

However you’re celebrating this day with the little ones, these resources from Educents can help make the day a fun, exciting learning experience!

Teachers, parents, and homeschoolers often celebrate by planting trees, volunteering for neighborhood cleanup initiatives, going on hikes to take in natural scenic views. Some people even use the day to spread the principles behind things like “Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!”

These resources cover all that and more for you and your little ones! Read on…



Magic School Bus: Nature BundleMSBNatureBundle

Magic school Bus is all about experimentation, and where better to explore than out in nature’s lap?

Little explorers get to build a bug house, recreate the water cycle, design solar spinners, play the animal tracks game, and learn so much about their surroundings!

All under Ms. Frizzle’s supervision, of course.

Earth Day experimentation at its best!


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Earth Day Close Reading Toolkit

How did Earth Day begin?

Need the answer for your little ones? Grab this freebie!

This freebie includes:

  • An explanation of close reading for students
  • Close reading strategies
  • Directions for classroom use
  • Earth day informational text
  • Reader response questions
  • 3 post-reading journal prompts
  • Answer key to journal prompts


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Mama May I: Explore Nature 

These beautiful wooden cards from Mama May I are such a lovely option for little ones to explore things new to them outdoors.

And you can do the exploring in the form of a fun scavenger hunt!

Let your kids go searching for little bugs, and webs and get them excited about Nature this Earth Day!


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Earth Day Bookmarks Freebieearthdaybookmarks

Need to remind your students of the importance of Earth Day?

Do it with these fun Earth Day themed bookmarks. Get them in full-color, or get them in black-and-white to add a fun coloring activity to your kids’ earth day!




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Earth Day Coloring Sheetsearthdaycoloringsheets

Another freebie! This one’s from a teacher with 15 years of experience.

This freebie includes two coloring pages all about our planet! One’s a coloring sheet that encourages kids to use their imagination while the other is a color-by-numbers.

An Educents expert suggests: “Let them color one in dark, grey colors – to show them what pollution could do to our planet! They can compare it to the beautiful blue one.”


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 Magnification Blocks 

These stacking squares are kid-friendly, smooth, hardwood frames with inset windows that magnify!

These are perfect for exploring the structure of leaves, taking a closer look at flowers, pine cones, and other natural things on a bright summer day!

The 6-piece set is never-ending fun for little tots who love to explore!



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SPRING Coloring Book!earthdayspringcoloringbook

Yes, we’ve gone a bit coloring crazy – but it’s only because spring and coloring go so well together! And kids do love to color.

This coloring book is an Educents original.

Teach your kids all about the beautiful things nature offers while teaching them how to spell things like “Ice cream”, “Butterflies”, and more.

Download it now, click on the button below.


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Earth Day Survey & Graph

This freebie from a teacher of 7 years is all about getting your students to collaborate!

Students grab a clipboard and find some friends to survey. They collect data, form a graph and then analyze the data they collected.

Check out more from Mrs. Plemons’ Kindergarten store!





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Earth Day Tots To Prep Pack

This Earth Day Pack is the best resource to cover many lessons with an Earth Day theme! The kit includes:

  • Earth Day flashcards
  • Tic tac toe
  • Pre-writing practice
  • Cutting practice
  • Word search
  • Colour by number and lots more!


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Earth day Word Search Freebieearthdaywordsearch

When a teacher of 30 years creates something for kids, you know it’s going to be good!

This word puzzle has 21 eco-friendly terms in it for your little ones to find.

And if you’re in the mood for something tailored to your own ideas for Earth Day for your kids, visit this wonderful teacher’s store at Educents: Confessions Of A Teaching Junkie



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Earth Day Sort

One of the most important things you could teach kids on Earth Day?

The 3 R’s – Reuse Reduce and Recycle.

This sorting freebie does just that!

Nikki, the maker of this awesome freebie has been teaching for 20 years – check out more of her work here: Teaching In Progress


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