Why One Public School Teacher Switched to Homeschooling

Laurie shares with us why she decided to switched from being a public school teacher to a homeschooler.
Oh the joys and pain that comes with teaching!  This was me about eight years ago- teaching a class with 24 Kindergartners.  I know… I know… I look frazzled!  After 12 years, this is one of the only pictures I have of me in a classroom!
Here was my uncle teaching them about electricity – yes I enticed “everyone” I knew to come and “teach” my children!  I felt they got tired of just me- ha!!
Now these sweet babies are in high school and the first group of third graders I ever taught are in college- YIKES!!  I feel so old!
Now, I am a mom of two precious little girls, my life has changed, the way I teach has changed, and especially the way I view education has changed.  Here is my story and a blog that follows what I will be doing from here on out- oh let the fun begin!!

The Story Behind It All (A change of heart!)

Well after being a public school teacher for the last twelve years, the last two being a reading specialist, I’ve realized that maybe public school education isn’t what we were looking for- at least for our family.  Don’t get me wrong, I have taught in some great public schools, I am a product of the public school education system and many of my friends and family have their children in public schools.  So, this blog is not to bash public schools by any means… It is only to shed some light on why “our family” decided it would be better to teach our children at home, maybe with a hybrid program.