Save Big And Prevent Summer Learning Loss

When it comes to days that kids look forward to, the last day of school is usually number one. As soon as that final bell rings, children are off and eager to leave everything school related behind. But should you, as a parent, be worried that your child is going to be without school for three months?

summer learning

Children have developing minds, it’s why they’re so great at learning things. But that means the opposite is just as true. When children go for a long time not practicing what they’ve been learning in school, those skills start to deteriorate. This is referred to as “summer learning loss.”

Prevent Summer Learning Loss

On average, children lose 1-2 months of learning during summer breaks, which means they can be almost two years behind their peers by the time they reach high school. Fortunately, there is a way to combat this.

Experts say that by having your children engage in only 2-3 hours of educational material every week, children can fully retain what they learned during the school year. Our friends at Carson-Dellosa have developed a program to help children overcome summer learning loss.

Summer Bridge Activities are specifically designed to help students stay sharp by spending only 15 minutes a day. Even the children most excited to leave school behind will be able to take a short break once a day and engage in these fun activities. Carson-Dellosa offers two different summer bridge activities great for developing different skills. There are traditional activity workbooks full of activities that your student has learned in the last year / will learn next year, and there are Exploration workbooks that tie these lessons into cross-curricular skills with project-based outdoor learning. Each of the two styles of workbook is offered for every grade.

Buy Now

Have you started preparing for summer? It only takes a few minutes to add these workbooks to your cart and send them on their way to your house for the summer.  If you act quickly, you can pick up any of these summer bridge workbooks for 25% off using offer code sba25 when you check out on Carson-Dellosa’s website.Untitled design (4)

Your children are in school for hours every day. The worst thing you can do is let some of that knowledge they’ve accrued slip away where it could be prevented. The sale ends soon, so follow this link to find out more about summer bridge activities and don’t forget to use offer code sba25. There are also free demo versions for each age range so you can see how these successful programs work for yourself.

Carson-Dellosa SummerBridge Infographic