How to Turn Presidents’ Day Into A Learning Experience

American History is something that I enjoy teaching. I think it is important for students to know about their country and its foundations. February is a great month to teach some of these foundations because of President’s Day.c (12)

In my classroom, I like to immerse my students in the current social studies lessons. This year I have been able to 3D print some of the presidents and their signatures. I think this makes the lessons more meaningful because they can hold the lesson in their hands. I have a collection of books that highlight the different presidents too. This way the students gain a true understanding of the presidents. We even focus our writing on the presidents. My favorite prompt for President’s Day is If I were president….ifiwere

During the month of February, we often focus on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. I think this a perfect opportunity to focus on all of our past presidents. One way to do this is with the following project. This year I integrated technology in our founding father’s lessons. My favorite outcome was with a simple research project. I gave the students the option to choose from a list of founding fathers with the directions become an expert on your founding father and create an iMovie. This is the result of that project. I plan on doing the same thing for the presidents. The students will be able to select a president that interests them and then be able to teach each other. We showcased prezour learning with a gallery walk and a graphic organizer where the students were asked to write down five facts they learned from the classmate’s video.

If you are like me and want resources to help immerse your students here are some great ones:

I Grew Up To Be President By Laurie Calkhoven

This book gives anecdotes about the presidents as children. Students love this unique look at the presidents.

Stand Tall Abe Lincoln By Judith St. George


This is a great book to give an incite about Abraham Lincoln’s life. The illustrations are great.

There are some great lessons to help you teach about President’s Day that you can find right here on Educents:

US Presidents Research Unit and Journal President Report


This unit is perfect for students who are learning how to use informational text and studying The United States and the presidents. Students will first learn how to use the text features in informational text including the table of contents and index. Then, students will be assigned a president and a partner to work with. Students will have a U.S. Presidents Research Journal that they will use as a guide as they research about the United States Presidents and their assigned president. Once students have completed their research, they will use it to complete two culminating activities: a report/presentation (their “presidential speech”) and a mask of their president. Finally, other classes and parents will be invited to the “President Fair” where your students will share what they’ve learned about their president and show off their masks!

US Presidents: An Expert Projectsocialstudies

If you like to take the responsibility out of your hands and put it back into your students’ hands- then this is the perfect product for you! Perfect for a Presidents Day Study and can be as simple or in-depth as you choose. Using this resource your students will become experts on one famous U.S. President. They will be responsible for learning all about them and teaching their classmates all they learned. You may choose to have your students work in small groups or individually. Students can create a commercial for the president, a poster, play… the possibilities are endless! This project is a great way to promote positive collaboration and teamwork in your classroom!

President’s Day Readers For Little Learners


Presidents’ Day in the United States is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of February each year. Use these printable readers to discuss George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and presidents. The readers are simple and are meant for an advanced kindergarten or 1st-grade student.

Here is a great freebie to get you started on your President’s Day planning

Abe and George Graphic Organizers
doeandgeorgeUse these graphic organizers to help students with writing about Abe Lincoln and George Washington. They can stand alone as writing station, homework, partner/independent writing. Great for whole class discussion.

I hope you can immerse your students in history this President’s Day and bring meaningful instruction to your learners about our U.S. presidents.

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