College Prep Tips From a Homeschooler

Parents don’t always know what career choices will bring their kids the most happiness! So, it’s important for parents to open the door early for their kids to explore all career possibilities.

College can be a great path to a fulfilling career. If your homeschooled child wants to pursue higher education, you should introduce them to the idea of college as early as possible.

Education in college is different than homeschooling. The schedules and methods are different, but so are interactions with peers. If homeschoolers can’t adapt to the differences, they might face problems that could impede their educational goals.

That’s why it’s important for kids to be ready for college. There are already plenty of reasons on why you should prep for college early, but the bigger question is how to prepare!

The biggest problem facing homeschooled students

Many homeschoolers don’t face problems when studying at college because they were used to studying independently, but where the real need for preparation comes in is life outside of the classroom.

Your child must be mentally prepared to meet a lot of diverse new people in an unfamiliar setting. If your homeschooled kid isn’t adequately socialized, they might have trouble adjusting and making new friends!

How to prepare your kids for college?

It can be hard to accept that this child who has been under your care for almost 20 years is going to be gone, but you need to do your best to overcome the fear. What you have to remember is that you are still your child’s teacher, and it’s up to you to give them the best tools to be successful. Your kid should learn the strategies to overcome his fear from you. Be on their side, guide them, and tell them everything you know about college.

First and foremost, make sure they know the value of being decent and they know how to get along. Empathy and decency are universally important values. This book is the perfect resource for your kids to learn about these values: Character Is Higher Than Intellect – Teen Level.

Another good thing to practice is involving your children in voluntary activities and asking them to be leaders. This will benefit them when they to go to college because they will be able to learn how to lead and make responsible decisions!

What can your child do?

Visiting the campus will let your kid have a complete understanding of what they might encounter in college. Make sure your kids schedule some college tours – a few even allow potential students to sit in on lectures!

Get your kids Involved in various social activities with other kids in their age group. When homeschooling, it is important to get kids involved in social activities across ages – and in college, it will be just as important.

Teaching styles between homeschoolers and professors tend to vary, so the more styles that you can expose them to, the better. This can be done by involving your kids in various kinds of workshops and seminars – many colleges have summer workshops they organize for high schoolers and in some cases even middle schoolers.

Tips For Parents

Ask your kids to explore extra-curricular interests: sports, crafting, cooking, volunteering, design, robotics, computer programming, or any other interests should be approached before they get into the college. By exploring their interests, your children can make a better decision about which major they want to pursue.

You can use books, websites, and your local communities to help your kid explore these interests. Here’s a great book for kids who might be interested in programming for games. Who doesn’t like games?  Every kid loves to play computer games, so introduce them to KidCoder: Game Programming with Visual Basic, which will help your kid decide whether he love to study computer programming or not.

Another good tip is to provide your kids with learning materials specifically designed to prepare them for college learning.

Educents has a variety of resources to help you prepare your kids for college! For example, Life of Fred College Prep Math Series is perfect to brush up on their math skills with fun stories. It contains over 500 pages, covering topics such as limits, speed, slope, derivatives, and much more.

Parents, this article is an outline of the things you can do to prepare your kid to enter college. Now that you have some ideas on how to help your kids get ready for college, you can build your own ideas and homeschool lessons that fit in!

You know them, you love them, so you will be able to provide the best for them to prepare for their future!

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