Drop Pokemon Go: Download Apps That Actually Teach Your Kids Something

Educational AppsThe Pokemon Go craze has taken off- engaging troupes of kids and their parents on their phones.  Many parents love that it is getting kids outside, moving, and getting exercise. However some worry that an increase in screen time may result in a decrease in learning time. If you’re looking for educational alternatives for your Pokemon Go lovers, download these 6 educational apps and turn screen time into learning time that you’ll both enjoy.

Want to turn screen time into learning time? Download these fun apps for kids!

Storytime App 

reading educational appTurn screen time into storytime with this “Netflix for Children’s Books” app. The FarFaria app gives your family access to thousands of books on an iPad, kindle, phone, and more. You can even save books to the app so they can be read offline anywhere! Kids can read at the park, doctor’s office, in the car, on vacation, Grandma’s house, and more!

“The first day, my kids read silently, totally engaged for 1 hour!  I could not bring myself to make them stop.” 

Develop Reading Skills App 

reading educational appHooked on Phonics is no longer that old school program that taught your grandmother to read, they have entered the 21st Century with their AMAZING app. The Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read App has educational games to keep kids engaged at home or on the phone. You Download the app on any device and it will sync the child’s progress!

“This app has wonderful educational games to keep the kids engaged and learning, so he asks to work on his reading everyday because it’s so much fun for him.”

Learn to Code Program 

learn to code educational appUse a child’s love of video games to interest them in learning how to code! The Learn to Mod program is a browser-based software that teaches kids how to “mod” Minecraft with both Blockly and Javascript. The program includes hundreds of video lessons, puzzles, and quizzes to teach your kids how to code. The program itself is a game with cool badges your child can win while completing coding tasks!

“I have recommended this to friends. I found it is a great way to encourage a way to learn code while playing a well-known and fun game of Minecraft.”

Improve Literacy App 

grammar educational appUse an engaging app to improve grammar skills. Quill provides learning activities that engage students in the writing process through web applications teaching grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills. Some of the Quill program’s most popular activities include comma usage, capitalization, verb tense agreement, and commonly confused words.

Reading Game Program 

reading educational appEngage your tech-savvy children in reading and track their progress. Ooka Island includes over 80 hours of gameplay, 24 levels of reading activities and 85 ebooks. The program is built kids in Pre-K to 2nd Grade and continually assesses your child to plot a personalized learning path. Weekly progress reports are sent to you every Friday with a detailed picture of where each child is at in reading.

“My daughter loves with program and she’s reading very well now. Great program. I heartily recommend.”

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Apps that Actually Teach Your Kids Something