Peel, Play, and Most Importantly, LEARN!

Looking for the perfect back-to-school product or a way to avoid buying a calendar for the next six years?


Mona MELisa Designs brings back their Peel, Play, and Learn Kits with new and updated images! There are LOTS of things we love about these kits but here are a few that stand out to us:

  • Everything is made in the USA. That’s right, all the money you spend on these items are being pumped back into our own economy!
  • Mona MELisa Designs is a company started by two women with fantastic ideas, and they just took off with them! (Not unlike our very own Kate and Kaitlyn here at Educents).
  • Kits are reusable for up to SIX years!
  • Pick out of a huge selection of themes including: calendar, environmental science, heroes, fractions, geometry, habitats, healthy eating, the human body, letters, multiplication, numbers, telling time & money skills, the U.S. map, the U.S. government, and the world map!

Reusable, durable fabric is used for these kits; they won’t rip, tear, wrinkle, or fade. Best of all though, is that they will stick to just about anything – chalkboards, textured walls, wallpaper, etc. without a spot of damage on either side! The adhesive backings can easily be cleaned by rubbing alcohol if dirt or pet hair get stuck to it. Now, the Peel, Play & Learn kits have been popular before, but there’s even more going on with them that’s making them BETTER!


New and updated images attract the kids with fun and vibrant colors, and to each kit and there are various components that go along with every subject.

The calendar kit is handy because the need to buy a new calendar every year becomes obsolete and you and helpers can make it your own!


Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 11.15.58 AM

These kits are not only for the little ones though! The geometry and U.S. government kits are perfect for high school classrooms! For practice or even just reminding your students of the basics, these wall decals are sure to brighten up your room.

So whether you’re a parent looking for a wall calendar to reuse annually, or a teacher looking for the perfect back-to-school supplement, this is the product for you! Get it at Educents!