Packed Schedule? Ready for the Coming School Year?

Whether you’re a homeschooler, teacher, or parent just trying to keep track of the days, planners can help keep you organized. There are ideas for curriculum, tips on how to teach your kids to keep track of their money, and a full calendar ready to be printed and written on!

inteliseedsdealFor kids in the elementary school ages, we have a Reading and Language Arts Practice set from Intelliseeds on sale for just $9 right now. Great practice and proven to help kids get into programs like GATE, Terranova, and MORE!


For older students we have Intro to Economics Curriculum which has material for ONE FULL YEAR, including weekly lesson plans, worksheets, quizzes and tests! All this essential knowledge for 22% OFF!And lastly, for those students hoping to explore the world one day – time to get prepped by learning a new language! PetraLingua (German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and French) provides online courses for 25% OFF!

Get a planner and you’ll be on track not only for the year, but also for your child’s future into high school!