National Parks as Classrooms: The Grand Canyon

Taking a family trip to the Grand Canyon is the perfect opportunity to teach the kiddos about geology, southwest history and archaeology, as well as plant and animal biology!

Educents Blog (Grand Canyon)

On our way up to the Grand Canyon, we visited another national park, Montezuma’s Castle. I found a variety of free resources so we focused our homeschool lessons on those topics the entire week before the trip.

Each National Park also has a free Ranger Program. When you first arrive, head to the visitor’s center to let the desk clerk know you’d like to sign your kids up. There’s a short and really cool little ceremony where the kids raise their hands and take a Junior Ranger pledge. The kids receive a coloring book/activity guide and the family receives a schedule of the talks that will take place at the park throughout the day. We attended one about deer and moose that everyone found so interesting! All in all, our vacation was the perfect opportunity for our kiddos to experience everything they’d been learning firsthand.

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Celena and her family visiting the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

Free National Park Educational Resources

The Grand Canyon National Park Service offers many educational resources – videos, lesson plans, and free printables for a variety of age groups.
The Grand Canyon isn’t the only national park that offers these kinds of tools. Browse National Parks by state to discover amazing places you may never even have known existed.
At each park’s website, you’ll find a column to the left with various links. Click on Learn about the Park and then on Education, and then on Parks as Classrooms. You’ll find a variety of resources to make every visit to a National Park an educational one!
 ef2a_a61c590_Slide48Close Readings About the Grand Canyon – The Grand Canyon pack comes with close reader text, vocabulary cards, and activities. Students practice Grand Canyon-themed vocabulary words like “steep,” “geological,” “schist,” “limestone,” and more! Students also read, respond, and reflect on a passage about the Grand Canyon.



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