Review: Educational Musical Instruments for Kids (Drums & Frog Sounds!)

I have been teaching music for years, so I’m thrilled to find musical instruments that young children are excited to play and are durable enough to survive more than one class. The musical instruments for kids available on Educents pass the durability test, and add educational value to music lessons. With these items, children learn rhythm, how to read music, how to play familiar songs, and make frog sounds. “Did you say frog sounds?” Yes, I did!Musical Instruments for Kids

Drum Kit for Kids

After years of teaching music privately, I now have the awesome privilege to teach early childhood music and movement classes at our homeschool co-op. Here are 3 ways I use the Drum Starter Kit in an academic way:

  • Use it at home for summertime or rainy day learning.
  • Use it with an entire music and movement class, with each child having different percussion instruments.
  • Do a performance with several of the music tracks so your kids can show off what they’ve learned.

My 7-year-old daughter had a ball with this kit. She sat down and started going through the lessons on her own. (She plays violin and piano, so she does have a background in reading music.) She enjoyed figuring out the coordination of playing 2 different instruments (drum and wood block) with 2 different hands for the lessons with 2 sound sources. It was a little tricky at first, but she’s starting to get it.

In the video below, you’ll hear my daughter playing “London Bridge” with the Drum Kit.


The Drum Kit Lessons

As I mentioned, music students can use the Drum Lesson Book to learn rhythm, how to read music, and how to play to familiar songs.

The Drum Starter Kit comes with a 47-paged lesson book, a CD, and 3 kid-sized instruments that are easy for little hands to play. The instruments are a small hand drum with two mallets, a wood block with a mallet, and a set of wooden maracas – all sturdy and thicker than instruments I have used in the past. What’s really nice about the lesson book is that you don’t need any percussion instruments at all to do the lessons and get started with learning to play drums. They encourage the kids to start with body percussion – clapping, patting, stomping, etc.

I love how the lessons in this book steadily get more challenging.

In each lesson, use the musical instruments for kids to learn something new in music reading or technique. For example, the first lesson teaches reading four quarter notes per measure. Soon, they add a quarter rest to beat four.

In the technique lesson, the student starts with just using one sound source (as I mentioned above, that could be clapping, or it could be one of the instruments that came in the kit). Then, they learn to read percussion music written with two sound sources. Later lessons start teaching about syncopation and improvisation. I can’t wait to use some of these with my students next year!

Learn to Play Familiar Songs

Adding the CD to the mix makes lessons so much more fun and interesting. Each song starts with the beat (4 clicks for 4/4 time) and then plays the music accompaniment that the kids can play with. The lesson book tells which track on the CD to play for each lesson. Pretty soon the kids are playing along with real songs such as Yankee Doodle, Jingle Bells, and She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain.” There are 45 tracks on the CD.

About the Frog Sounds…frog-rasp

In addition to the Drum Kit, I added 3 fun musical instruments for kids from Educents to our collection – a frog rasp, triangle, and cabasa. The Frog Rasp is wood and comes with a wooden mallet to rub or hit it with. My kids discovered a variety of different ways to play it.


It’s amazing how it sounds exactly like a bull frog!


Check out the video below so you can see actual sizes and hear what they sound like!

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