This Mother’s Day, Give The Gift Of Time

Moms all over the world do so much for their kids every single day – and all for the sheer joy of watching their little ones bloom into wonderful adults. So, when the once-a-year celebration of motherhood, the actual Mother’s Day comes around – moms really do deserve the very best!

This year, we set ourselves the task of finding out what moms really want. The answer didn’t surprise us – a relaxing day spent with their families doing things everyone in the family could enjoy!




The best gifts really are the gifts of time. So we put together some of our favorite activities moms and kids can do together on Mother’s Day, and every other day too because really, every day is Mother’s Day.



Your Kids: Cookingyourkidscooking

How about a lovely breakfast in bed to start off your Mother’s Day?

Here’s a book that teaches your kids the ABCs of cooking. With the help of this multimedia cooking program your little ones will be cracking eggs and sautéing away in the kitchen in no time.

Skills that will last them a lifetime, and a Mother’s Day morning treat you will never forget.



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Printable Mother’s Day Coupons


What better way to thank mom on Mother’s Day than by taking over some of her daily chores!

Let your kids give you these pretty, colorful coupons for all kinds of different things:

  • 3 Gigantic Hugs: Make sure you get a few extra hugs on your special day – or any other day by printing (and re-printing) this freebie!
  • Help With Cleaning The House: This one’s a mom-approved favorite. Need some help picking up after that fun science experiment you and your tots just did? Make sure you get one of these coupons.
  • Breakfast In Bed: What a lovely way to spend a weekend morning together with your little ones. A breakfast in bed while you munch your way through delicacies prepared by your kiddos!
  • One Hour Of Zero Screen Time: Kids these days can spend hours on their phones, tablets, computers…the list goes on. Get this coupon and ensure some one-on-one time with them.



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Pampered Teacher Gift Boxpampered_teacher_subscriptionboxforteacherswithstyleig_3abb_1

Mother’s Day is the one day of the year when many moms truly hang up their mom-cape and just relax for the day.

If you’re one of those awesome moms, here’s something you can hint at for your present this year.

A subscription box that comes loaded with goodies like perfumes and wonderful treats to pamper yourself – this Mother’s Day and for months to come!



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Coloring For Everyonecoloring_books_1

Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore.

Coloring for adults has gained in popularity over the past few years. Studies show that coloring books can help grown ups manage and reduce stress!

The best part – you can do this alone or with your little ones! Get some quiet time around the house while you your tots color away these beautiful motifs!



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Creativity Trunkcreativity trunk

Get crafty with your kids today. With spring in full swing, take the day to hang out outside and paint – hand prints still count!

An Educents expert’s advice: “Glue googly eyes onto the dolls and have some fun playing with the little ones!”

Or hand the kit over and wait for your kids to give you an artsy surprise on your big day.


The box includes wood models and wood peg dolls, crayons, glue, scissors and more fun stuff like stencils!



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Greenhouse Classroom

This one is an Educents favorite.

As a company that constantly strives to be environmentally conscious, lots of Educents moms love this little greenhouse!

If you’re a mom with a green thumb, make sure you put this on your wishlist for Mother’s Day this year.

It really doesn’t get cuter than this.



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Root-Vue Farm root-vue-farm-ho2-1460412449.323.1513

Another green product? You’d think we’ve gone garden-crazy.

You’d be right. The spring bug has bitten and with something as adorable as this little farm, we just couldn’t resist.

An Educents staffer’s mom said: “I want that!”

Well, there you have it – a mom-approved vegetable garden where you can see the vegetables grow!



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Fly With Megroovy_lab_in_a_box_flywithmesmbignokite_42c0

Calling all tech enthusiast moms! This one’s bound to be a fun bonding activity for you and your little ones.

Using only the materials from your Groovy Lab in a Box, you can design, build, and launch an airplane generating thrust with a propeller which travels fifteen feet!

One mom said:

We were learning about airplanes and flying before my children’s first experience. These experiments got everyone involved and having fun.


Buckle up and watch your Mother’s Day take flight!


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Magformers 30-Piece Rainbow Magnetic Building Setmagformers-pieces-at-play-copy-copy

These building blocks are a wonderful resource for all kids, and safe and practical to use for special needs learners!

If you’re looking for ways to while away a relaxing, sunny day with your special needs learner, these building blocks are great.

Build pyramids, cuboids, and get lost in the wonderful symmetry of it all this Mother’s Day!

This mom found a way to get everyone involved in Magformers play time:

These are so much fun for kids of all ages. I bought these for my little ones but my husband and I love playing with them too.


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Wise Alec Family Trivia Gamegriddly-games_wise_alec_3rd_ed_6887

This Mother’s Day spend some time pampering yourself with the Pampered Teacher Gift Box and then indulge in some family fun with this award-winning trivia game!

The game has all kinds of fun – tongue twisters, brain teasers, etiquette rules and so much more!

Challenge yourself to different levels of questions in subjects that range from History and Science to Spelling!

This mom can’t wait to play Wise-Alec with her family again:

Your whole family will learn a thing or two and you’ll have a great time playing together. I’m looking forward to playing this again with my husband and kids.


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Mama, I Can’t Sleep 2cec_8b99b6f_MamaICantSleep9781616089658 (1)

Sometimes it feels almost impossible to fall asleep. So, when a little girl insists that she simply cannot sleep, her mother tells her how all of the animals in the world go to sleep.

But each animal sleeps differently, as the little girl finds out: leopards sleep in trees; storks sleep standing on only one leg; fish sleep with their eyes open; bats hang upside down while they sleep…

Mama, I Can’t Sleep is a delightful goodnight book for a night-time bonding activity for Moms and their little ones everywhere!



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Little Raindrop littleraindrop

From cloud to puddle, and puddle to stream, the Little Raindrop is making its way on the remarkable journey that is Earth’s water cycle.

The book’s beautiful art makes for a soothing night-time read that’s both educational and heart-warming.

This Mother’s Day give yourself the gift of a unique night time story that teaches your little tots about the planet they live on.



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For more ideas this Mother’s Day, check out this Pinterest board by the lovely moms of Educents.

Don’t forget to tell us how you’re celebrating Mother’s Day this year! Use the hashtag #MOMents on Twitter or leave your comments here for a chance to be featured in an Educents blog post!



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