Math Lessons Using Minecraft – Show Your Work

Mother of a Minecraft kid finds a way to incorporate use playtime for math lessons.

As a classroom teacher and mom of a child with learning disabilities, finding a way to reach optimal engagement in learning is key. So what better way to engage your children and students than to take their learning to something they love – Minecraft! I believe 100 percent in making learning fun and connecting learning to the real world. OK – Minecraft isn’t the real world, but to many kids Minecraft is a big part of their world.

So what do Minecraft and math have to do with each other? Well, there are many different ways that you can use Minecraft in your math lessons. Here are some examples to show you how I used Minecraft for math learning.

Show Your Work

We’ve heard it before – the importance of showing your work in math. There’s no reason why showing your work has to include pencil and paper. Let your students show their work on Minecraft. You can use this concept for everything from simple addition to geometry. Building in Minecraft is a great way to allow your student to use virtual math manipulatives.

I used the Show Your Work method with my son when reviewing some geometry concepts that he had recently worked on. Here’s a couple of the problems that we did. I gave my son the challenge orally and he got right to work.

Show Me a Rectangular Prism


I got such a kick out of my son on this problem. After building his rectangular prism and showing it to me I took a screenshot of it. Then he says, “Wait mom, I need to take a selfie too.” So he adds Steve (the Minecraft character) and snaps another picture. Here’s the “selfie.”


Show Me Some Angles

I asked my son to create a right angle, obtuse angle, and acute angle. Here’s what he gave me. I enjoy using the bird’s eye view to check the overall work quickly.


Here’s an individual picture of each angle that he created. I love the problem solving skills he had to use in order to make diagonal lines. I really LOVE that all on his own he went back and added a sign to label each angle!

1D1E 1F 1G1H 1I

Ready to take the first step and “rock” your child’s world? Go ask them to teach you how to play Minecraft!

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Minecraft Math Lesson Ideas