Teach Minecraft Kids How to Code With this Easy-to-Use Program

Are your kids crazy for Minecraft? Turn gaming time into learning time with Youth Digital’s Mod Design course. Learn more about all the fuss around kids learning to code. We also have ideas on how to get your Minecraft kids coding!

Why should kids ode

Why should kids learn to code?

Code is the basic literacy of the technological world. Learning to code with Java is a great way to prepare children for the next tech-savvy generation. Java is the language we use to create content for the internet or web program. When you learn the Java language, you can build a website or computer program. When kids learn to how to code, their ideas can become reality, products, programs to change the world!

In Youth Digital’s online course, kids learn the fundamentals of Java programming by coding their own Mods for Minecraft. Kids build their own items to import into their Minecraft worlds! This course plays on their interest of Minecraft to develop fundamental technology skills and computer science principles they will need to be successful in their digital world.

About Youth Digital’s Mod Design program

The Mission of this program, and all of Youth Digital’s programs, is to empower kids to create with technology. Minecraft kids will learn to modify the game with this year-long online course that teaches kids programming with Java™. Code their own Minecraft mod from start to finish and watch as the end result becomes a unique, shareable Minecraft mod that they built from scratch.YouthDigital Educents1

  • For Minecraft kids ages 8 to 13
  • Kids learn at their own pace
  • Lessons are easy to follow (minimum adult help needed)
  • Students must already have Minecraft for PC or Mac

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What people are saying about Mod Design

“My ten year old daughter, who had NO previous Java exposure, began the Mod Design 1 course at the beginning of the year. She finished her first Mod within eight weeks. Since the license we purchased said it was good for an entire year, I told her to continue creating mods and asking the teaching staff for assistance. She’s now almost finished with her second, more complex mod and I am very pleased with the team responsible for interacting with the students. They are friendly, encouraging and seem sincerely excited to be teaching and shaping the next generation of IT experts. My daughter, my IT husband and I highly recommend this program and company!”

“My 9-year-old son has been using Youth Digital’s Mod Design 1 for several months now. It has been a wonderful experience for him. He is really learning how to program with a real programming language in a game that he loves — Minecraft! The videos are excellent and easy to follow. I am impressed with how much he’s learned already. When we have needed support from Youth Digital, they have responded promptly and resolved our concern. This is the best programming experience my son has had so far.”

“We bought your “Mod Design 1” class yesterday, and my ten-year-old son, Owen, LOVED it!!!!!! He worked on the class for more than 5 hours, stayed up past his bedtime, slept in, and went to school late today and I let him!!!! That’s how much I loved it. The class is easy to understand, engaging, and funny. I got him his computer at 5, but he’s only been exposed to gaming/videos/, etc, not coding or designing. He was able to do 99% of this on his own. The only time he needed me was, in the beginning, to ensure things were getting installed/loaded correctly. I sat next to him pretty much the whole time doing my own thing and Owen were in a zone. This is saying a lot because he is easily distracted due to his ADHD.”

Learn to Code Minecraft Game

“Our family has enjoyed the Mod Design 1 class! The instructor is funny, with humor that is age appropriate. The steps are easy to follow, and the kids feel a sense of accomplishment throughout. This is a creative way to use a child’s natural interest, in this instance Minecraft, to introduce them to Java programming.”

“My son is addicted to Minecraft. It’s is a creative game that challenges him to build ever more complex designs from buildings to creatures. As a homeschooler, this program challenges him to create on a whole new level. He learns basic Java language programming to design totally new tools, armor, ores and other things. He then “imports” his new design into the Minecraft game on his computer. This program has both engaging lessons and excellent tech support. I highly recommend this program.”


“Mod Design 1 is by far is my son’s favorite course. I often hear him laughing when he watches the instructional video. The course is well designed and can be done independently. I helped him do the initial download of the software, but it was not necessary because the process was well-taught step by step. This was a great investment to jump-start interest into the world of computer programming. The price tag was a bit high but the quality is high and the motivation it produced in an otherwise hard to motivate student was priceless.

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